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Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering

Fourth Edition · iOS 16, macOS 13.3 · Swift 5.8, Python 3 · Xcode 14

Section I: Beginning LLDB Commands

Section 1: 10 chapters
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Section IV: Custom LLDB Commands

Section 4: 8 chapters
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v. Acknowledgments
Written by Walter Tyree

We would like to thank many people for their assistance in making this possible:

  • Derek Selander: For his extensive work on the previous editions of this book.
  • Our families: For bearing with us in this crazy time as we worked all hours of the night to get this book ready for publication!
  • Everyone at Apple: For developing an amazing platform, for constantly inspiring us to improve our games and skill sets and for making it possible for many developers to make a living doing what they love!
  • And most importantly, the readers of — especially you! Thank you so much for reading our site and this book. Your continued readership and support is what makes all of this possible!
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