iOS 10 by Tutorials: 11 Chapters Now Available!

The latest early access release of iOS 10 by Tutorials is now available, with new chapters on Xcode 8 editor extensions, SiriKit, speech recognition, and more! By Chris Belanger.

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iOS 10 by Tutorials: 11 Chapters Now Available!

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Good news – the third early access release of iOS 10 by Tutorials is now available!

The book is now almost done! This release has 11/14 chapters ready:

  • Chapter 2: Xcode 8 Debugging Improvements: Learn about the powerful new debugging tools in Xcode 8, including the new Thread Sanitizer and Memory Graph Debugger.


  • Chapter 3: Xcode 8 Source Editor Extensions (NEW!): Learn how to integrate your own text tools into the Xcode UI by creating a fun ASCII art extension.


  • Chapter 4: Beginning Message Apps: Learn how to create your own sticker pack for Messages – with a custom user interface.

Custom Sticker Packs

  • Chapter 5: Intermediate Message Apps: Learn how to send custom, updatable messages, by creating a simple picture drawing and guessing game integrated into Messages.

Custom Message App

  • Chapter 6: SiriKit (NEW!): Learn how to integrate Siri into your app and process voice commands as you build a Uber clone for hot air balloons.


  • Chapter 7, Speech Recognition (NEW!): Learn how to transcribe live or pre-recorded audio from over 50 languages and use that data in your app:


  • Chapter 8: User Notifications: Learn how to use the new iOS 10 User Notifications framework, and create Notification Content extensions and Notification Service app extensions.


  • Chapter 9: UIView Property Animator: Learn about a new way of animating in iOS 10, which allows you to easily pause, reverse, and scrub through animations part-way through.


  • Chapter 10: Measurements and Units: Learn about some new Foundation classes that help you work with measurements and units in an easy and type-safe way.
let cycleRide = Measurement(value: 25, unit: UnitLength.kilometers)
let swim = Measurement(value: 3, unit: UnitLength.nauticalMiles)
let marathon = Measurement(value: 26, unit: UnitLength.miles)
    + Measurement(value: 385, unit: UnitLength.yards)
  • Chapter 11: What’s New with Core Data (NEW!): Learn how the new convenience methods, classes, code generation and other new features in Core Data will make your life easier.

Learn about the new way to handle managed object contexts in Core Data.

Learn about the new way to handle managed object contexts in Core Data.
  • Chapter 13: What’s New with Search (NEW!): Learn how to tie your app into the Core Search Spotlight API and perform deep searches using your app, and how to surface your app to respond to location-based searches as well.


The final three chapters of the book will be coming along with the final release of iOS 10 by Tutorials, which is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 26 as part of the iOS 10 Feast.

Where to Go From Here?

Here’s how you can get your hands on the early access release of the book:

  • If you’re a subscriber, good news — you get free access while you are subscribed! Just visit your My Loot page to download the third early access release of the book (v0.3) immediately.
  • If you haven’t subscribed to yet, you should subscribe! You will get access to the book, the screencasts, and access to our entire video tutorial library.
  • If you just want the book, you can buy the book separately. This includes permanent access to the book, including early access versions and free updates, but no screencasts or videos.

Thanks again to all subscribers — you are what makes this site possible. We hope you enjoy the iOS 10 book and screencasts, and stay tuned for more early access releases soon! :]

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