8 Free Swift Tutorials Updated For Swift 3

We’ve updated 8 free tutorials for Swift 3, including initialization in-depth, custom subscripting, pattern matching, error handling, and more. Check out the full list! By Ray Fix.

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Did you know that Xcode 8.2 officially deprecates Swift 2?

That means there has never been a better time to get up-to-speed with Swift 3 and start converting your apps! :]

Today, we are excited announce we’ve updated 8 more free tutorials to Swift 3 and Xcode 8, this time from the Swift language team.

Again, we want to do our best to keep our tutorials as up-to-date and polished as possible, because we understand your learning time is valuable, and if you trust us we don’t want to let you down.

So if you’re ready for some Swift 3 learning, check out the updates below!

Updated For Swift 3

What's New in Swift 3

  1. What’s new in Swift 3 by Ben Morrow – Originally released during the WWDC 2016 announcement when Swift 3 was still in beta, this article is now updated to reflect the released version.

Collection Data Structures in Swift

  1. Collection Data Structures in Swift by Niv Yahel – Learn the basics of big-O notation and when to use Swift arrays, dictionaries and sets.

Collection Data Structures in Swift

  1. Initialization In Depth Part 1 | Part 2 by René Cacheaux – Take your Swift skills to the next level by learning about how your instances are initialized in this in-depth two-part tutorial on initialization.

Custom Subscripts in Swift

  1. Implementing Custom Subscripts in Swift by Mikael Konutgan – Learn how to extend your own types with subscripts, allowing you to index into them with simple syntax just like native arrays and dictionaries.

Pattern Matching in Swift

  1. Pattern Matching in Swift by Cosmin Pupăză – Learn how you can use pattern matching with tuples, types, wildcards, optionals, enumeration, and expressions.

Magical Error Handling in Swift

  1. Magical Error Handling in Swift by Gemma Barlow – Learn all about error handling in Swift. You’ll learn about all the new features added in Swift and discover how to use them.

Getting to Know Enums, Structs and Classes in Swift

  1. Getting to Know Enums, Structs and Classes in Swift by Ray Fix – Learn about the difference between enums, structs, and classes in Swift, when to use each, and how they work!

Reference vs Value Types in Swift

  1. Reference vs Value Types in Swift: Part 1 and 2 by Eric Cerney – Learn the difference between reference and value types in Swift in part 1 of this tutorial. In part 2, you will see reference and value types in action, including an example of how to mix the two effectively and safely.

Call For Feedback: Swift 3 Style Guide

With Swift 3, conventions for writing good Swift have improved.

Therefore, we are currently in the midst of upgrading our official Swift Style Guide to reflect these changes.

If you have any feedback, now’s a great time; simply check out the repo and open an issue.

Where to Go From Here?

Want even more Swift 3 tutorials? Check out our list of 27 iOS tutorials updated for Swift 3.

Swift 3 contains some exciting and major changes to the Swift language. Here at raywenderlich.com we keep on top of things by updating the all of the more recent and popular tutorials to work with the latest version of Swift and Xcode. This trend will continue.

Thanks to all of the authors for updating their tutorials, and thanks to you for reading this site – stay tuned for more new Swift 3 tutorials each and every week!


Ray Fix


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