raywenderlich.com Black Friday Sale 2016: 50% Off All Books

raywenderlich.com is offering 50% off all books as part of its first-ever Black Friday sale. Find out what’s offered here! By Ray Wenderlich.

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raywenderlich.com Black Friday Sale 2016: 50% Off All Books

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Note: This is a historical article about the 2016 Black Friday sale. To get the latest news about any sales running now, sign up for our newsletter!

From today until the end of Cyber Monday, we are offering a massive 50% Off All Books on our site (for new purchases only).

This is the biggest sale we’ve ever had, and is a great chance to get something you’ve had your eye on.

All of our books have recently been updated for iOS 10, Xcode 8, and Swift 3. Our books also include free updates – for example, our book the iOS Apprentice was first written for iOS 5, and has been updated 5 times for free!

Let’s take a look at what’s inside.

The raywenderlich.com Book Collection

Note: During this sale, all ten of these books are now 50% off: only $27.49 each!

1) UIKit Apprentice

2) The Swift Apprentice

3) The tvOS Apprentice

4) iOS 11 by Tutorials

5) watchOS by Tutorials

6) Core Data by Tutorials

7) iOS Animations by Tutorials

8) 2D Apple Games by Tutorials

9) 3D Apple Games by Tutorials

10) Unity Games by Tutorials

This is our best-selling book for complete beginners to iOS development, with over 10,000 copies sold. Learn how to create four complete apps from scratch!

If you want to learn Swift, there’s no better way. This book takes you all the way from beginning to advanced topics including generics, access control, error handling, pattern matching, and protocol-oriented-programming.

Want to make apps on the big screen? This book teaches you everything you need to know, including details on the two methods of making apps on tvOS: the traditional method using UIKit, and the new Client-Server method using TVML.

This is a great book for intermediate to advanced developers who want to quickly learn the new APIs introduced in Xcode 8 and iOS 10. Covers Message Apps, SiriKit, Memory Debugging, and much more.

The most comprehensive book on making apps for Apple Watch anywhere. Covers layout, tables, snapshots, notifications, background refresh, CloudKit, and much more.

After you read this book, you’ll never fear Core Data again! Takes you from the basics all the way to advanced topics, and includes detailed coverage of the new NSPersistentContainer introduced in iOS 10.

Learn from the master of iOS Animations himself – Marin Todorov – as you learn how to make delightful animations in your apps. Basic animations, layer animations, view controller transition animations, oh my!

Learn how to make iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS games using Swift 3 and SpriteKit. A great way to make games leveraging your existing iOS development skills!

Learn how to make 3D games using Apple’s built-in API: SceneKit. Through a series of mini-games and challenges, you will go from beginner to advanced and learn everything you need to make your own 3D game!

Learn how to make professional cross-platform games using Unity, a popular 2D and 3D game framework. Make 4 complete games: a twin-stick action game, a first-person shooter, a 2D platformer, and a tower defense game with VR support!

Save With Bundles

Want to save even more? Our bundles are (at least) 50% off too!

In fact, you can get the entire collection of books for just $199.99.

There’s simply no better investment you can make as an iOS developer. Your career will thank you later!


This is the first time we’ve done a Black Friday sale, so there are bound to be some questions. Here are some answers:

  • How long will this sale last? This sale will run from today until the end of Cyber Monday (next Monday Nov 28).
  • Can I “upgrade” to a bundle of books? This is not possible; you should buy the books you are missing individually.
  • I recently bought a book. Can I apply this discount? No, as stated in the post, this coupon is for new purchases only. This is a great chance to pick up a book you might not have yet.
  • What about video subscriptions? This sale is for books only, but did you know that a 1-year subscription is already on a discount? If you subscribe for a year, the rate is only $14.99/month.
  • I missed the deal! Can I get it after Cyber Monday? This is a special Black Friday / Cyber Monday deal only and will not be available after Cyber Monday. Be sure to sign up to raywenderlich.com weekly on the sidebar of our site to get notified of any sales in the future.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

Where to Go From Here?

At raywenderlich.com, we don’t have sales often, so this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Be sure to take advantage of it while you can!

The team and I hope you enjoy our new lineup of books, and we hope it makes your learning fun and enjoyable.

Happy shopping! :]