Machine Learning by Tutorials: 3 More Updated Chapters!

We’ve added three updated chapters to our book, Machine Learning by Tutorials! By Manda Frederick.

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Machine Learning by Tutorials: 3 More Updated Chapters!

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The third early access update of our book, Machine Learning by Tutorials, is available! And you can still get $10.00 off with the special early-access price!

This edition adds three chapters updated to iOS 13, Swift 5.1, and Xcode 11. They include:

Where to Go From Here?

The case of the missing cookies sets the scene for learning about sequences!

The book makes understaning training easy with examples you can follow!

It’s not all fun and cookies! Begin learning more complex concepts like predictions.

Machine learning is now an accessible, practical tool for solving real-world problems that were too complex to deal with before. This book will teach you to use these tools and frameworks to make your apps smarter, as well as the foundational theory you need to understand machine learning!

Machine Learning by Tutorials now has three more updated chapters, and it is available today as an early-access release; you can still get the book for $10.00 off as a special early-access price!

If you’ve already purchased the book, or would like to buy your own copy, simply head over to our online store to download the latest version!

We hope you enjoy the latest updated chapters, and we’ll keep you posted as new chapters become available!

  • Data Collection for Sequence Classification: Learn how working with sequences differs from working with discrete data like individual images. You’ll learn how to collect iPhone sensor data, as well as what it takes to build a good training dataset.
  • Training a Model for Sequence Classification: Learn about neural networks designed to work with sequences. You’ll also learn how to use Turi Create to train an activity classification model using data from the previous chapter.
  • Sequence Classification: Learn how to pass real-time sequential data captured from a device’s motion sensors into your Core ML model. You’ll learn some tricks to help keep your apps responsive and accurate while processing sequences of streaming data.