RWDevCon 2017: First Batch of Sponsors Announced!

We’re happy to announce our first batch of sponsors for RWDevCon 2017! By Ray Wenderlich.

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RWDevCon 2017: First Batch of Sponsors Announced!

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Next March, we are running an iOS conference called RWDevCon 2017.

RWDevCon is different than most other conferences you’ll go to. Instead of just passively watching talks, you get to participate – via hands-on tutorials!

The conference includes 24 hands-on tutorials across 3 tracks, and has 2 optional pre-conference workshops.

We’ll be covering topics like Advanced Auto Layout, Machine Learning in iOS, Building Reusable Frameworks, RxSwift, and more – check out the full list.

Here on out, I’ll be giving regular status updates. And in this first update, I have some exciting news: we’re announcing our first batch of sponsors!

5 New Sponsors!


Today, we are happy to announce 5 new sponsors for the conference:

  • Capital One: Capital One is a leading information-based technology company, on a quest to change banking for good.
  • Savvy Apps: Savvy Apps is a mobile development company headquartered in Washington DC, on a mission to make life better – one app at a time.
  • FastSpring: FastSpring is an eCommerce platform that enables purchases & subscriptions across web, mobile, and in-app experiences. It even powers this site!
  • AppCode: AppCode is an intelligent IDE that helps iOS/OSX developers create outstanding apps with ease and pleasure – with Swift 3 support!
  • MacPaw: Mac-paw is a team of like-minded techies, looking for ways to make your Mac life better. They are the creators of Setapp, DevMate, CleanMyMac, and more!

Huge thanks to Capital One, Savvy Apps, FastSpring, JetBrains, and MacPaw for being a part of RWDevCon!

Get Your Ticket

There aren’t many tickets for RWDevCon 2017 left – be sure to register now before we sell out.

The team and I look forward to meeting you at RWDevCon for some tutorials, inspiration, and fun!