Merry Christmas 2016!

Watch our annual geeky Christmas song as performed by the team! By Ray Wenderlich.

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As you may or may not know, we have a tradition where each year, we sing a silly Christmas song about a geeky topic.

This year, we have made a song titled “Here Come Tutorials”, sung to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus.” We hope you enjoy – and we apologize in advance for our singing! :]

Lyrics and Credits

Here come tutorials, here come tutorials, (Namrata Bandekar)
Right down tutorial lane (Luke Parham)
We’re gonna take you step-by-step through (Eric Cerney)
Coding apps and games! (Vicki Wenderlich, Ray Wenderlich)
Code we’re slinging, Keyboards singing, (Ryan Poolos)
Getting everything right, (Kelvin Lau)
We can’t wait to learn with you (Ben Morrow, Forrest Folsom)
Cause tutorials come tonight. (Joshua Green, Marilyn Greene)

Here come tutorials, here come tutorials, (Rich Turton)
Right down tutorial lane (Rich Turton)
Santa’s got a bag with MacBook Pros (Vicki Wenderlich, Ray Wenderlich)
We know you won’t complain (Eric Cerney)
Hear those dongles jingle jangle (Vicki Wenderlich, Ray Wenderlich)
What a courageous sight (Aaron Douglas, Burkley)
Plug your headphones in and lift up your chin, (Ben Morrow, Forrest Folsom)
Cause tutorials come tonight. (Ben Morrow, Forrest Folsom)

Here come tutorials, here come tutorials, (Ryan Poolos)
Right down tutorial lane (Aaron Douglas, Burkley)
You may think this song is cheesy (Rich Turton)
Sorry for the pain! (Vicki Wenderlich, Ray Wenderlich)
Thanks for reading tutorials (Kelvin Lau)
At our community site (Namrata Bandekar)
Back to writing – it’s exciting (Luke Parham)
At tonight. (Eric Cerney)
At… (Chris Belanger)
tonight! (Rich Turton)

Special thanks to Ellen Shapiro for the guitar music, Andy Obusek for the bass and percussion, and Chris Belanger for the piano music.

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That’s It!

Have a Merry Christmas and very happy New Year everyone, and thanks so much for reading this site! :]