Swift Algorithm Club: December Digest

Check out the latest news from the Swift Algorithm Club, and learn how you can contribute! By Kelvin Lau.

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The Swift Algorithm Club is an open source project to implement popular algorithms and data structures in Swift.

We thought it would be useful to periodically give a status update with how things are going with the project.

Here’s our final update for 2016!

Quality of Life Changes

This month, the repo goes through a much needed quality of life change. Previously, the issues tab was fairly disorganized. Last week, we launched 2 new issues that should alleviate that:

Data Structures / Algorithms Wishlist

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 4.01.38 AM

This issue aggregates all the suggestions made by the community, and provides a reference to the issue that first brought it up for more information.

Bugs Watchlist

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 4.03.59 AM

This issue aggregates all the bug reports made by the community.

These 2 issues are locked and are meant to be read only. If you have any suggestions/bugs/questions, creating an issue on the repo is still the way to go. We’ll add the issue to one of these lists and create a reference to it, if appropriate.

Swift 3 Migration

Our Swift 3 migration is coming to a close. So far, 54 of the 72 algorithms have been converted to Swift 3. Migration has generally been quite straightforward – it’s just the process of:

Want to help out? It’s a great way to learn about algorithms and Swift 3 at the same time. If so, check out our Github issue and sign up!

Looking Back

It’s been a terrific year so far as our repo approaches 1 year old. Since then, we’ve had 86 unique contributors, 89 articles on various algorithms, 1,056 commits, 6 articles tutorialized, and over 9000 stars!

On behalf of the team, I thank everyone for making the SAC a great place to learn and have fun. I personally picked up a lot of new perspectives whilst reviewing various contributions. :]

Where To Go From Here?

It’s been a great year so far, and we’re excited to bring SAC to new heights in the coming year. See you in 2017!

The Swift Algorithm Club is always looking for new members. Whether you’re here to learn or here to contribute, we’re happy to have you around.

To learn more about the Swift Algorithm Club, check out our introductory article. We hope to see you at the club! :]