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The print editions of our Swift 3, iOS 10 and Unity 5.5 books are now available on the raywenderlich.com store! By Chris Belanger.

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Call us traditional, but there’s something amazing about holding a physical book in your hand that is hard to replicate with an electronic version.

It’s awesome to visually see your place within the book and have “thumb memory” of your favorite chapters — not to mention that feeling of happiness when a new print book arrives at your door! :]

Keep reading to check out some fun pictures and facts about the books, and find out how to get a free print book for yourself.

The Books

I can’t believe we’ve managed to put out so many books in just one year!

To give you some idea about how much content is in these books, check out these three facts:



  1. If stacked on top of each other, the books measure nearly 12 inches high:
  2. The books weigh a staggering 21 pounds when stacked together, or roughly the weight of your average pug:
  3. Altogether, the ten books from this season have over 5,000 pages of content. If you took all the pages out of the books and laid them end to end, they would stretch over 1,920 feet — or over a third of a mile in length!

Why Print Books Are Great

Although the PDF versions of our books are amazingly handy, and extremely portable, there are lots of great reasons to own a print copy as well:


  • You can read it anywhere, at anytime — no device or laptop needed!
  • You can easily jot notes in the margins or mark pages for future reference as you make your way through the books.
  • You can even display it proudly on your bookshelf or on your desk to show off to your family and co-workers. You can’t do that with a PDF!

Since so many kids seem to be permanently connected to their devices these days, we thought we might be able to market the books as great bedtime stories. But that didn’t quite work out as planned…

Not yet kid-approved. Soon, though!

Not yet kid-approved. Soon, though!

Where to Get the Books

You can get all of these books in our new raywenderlich.com store. Each book has links to buy the PDF version directly from us, or the print version from Amazon.com.

Since we now sell the books in different places, there is no option for a “bundle” of print + PDF; they are separate purchases.

If you haven’t visited the store in a while, come check out some of the new improvements we’ve made!

Print Book Launch Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of these books, we’d love to give away some free T-shirts and books to our readers!

If you’ve bought the PDF version of any of our new books this year, please email us a screenshot of your book review from Amazon.com. The first 5 people to send us a screenshot of their review for each book will receive either a free PDF or print book of their choice, or a free “Eat, Drink, Swift” T-shirt! Just let us know your choice in your email.

A huge thanks goes out to all of our book authors, editors, artists and designers who helped create an amazing set of books this year — we couldn’t be more proud of them.

Happy reading!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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