Last Call for Proposals: Publish a Book With Us!

Do you have a great idea for a book but aren’t sure where to start? Submit a book proposal by January 23, 2019, for the opportunity to join our book team! By Manda Frederick.

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Last Call for Proposals: Publish a Book With Us!

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Last week, we announced that we are currently accepting book proposals until January 23, 2019.

This means that you have just three more days to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to help you grow your writing and editing skills, learn the publishing biz, make some money, become a subject-matter expert and get your great idea in the hands of readers.

There are only two slots left in our amazing line up for this year, and one of those books could be yours!

If you missed last week’s post, here are the highlights:

  • The first step of writing a book is to write a book proposal. Basically, you fill in a short template we send you, that gives high-level information about the book you’d like to publish on It helps us get to know you, what you’d like to cover in the book, and how this book will fit in with the overall market and our catalogue.
  • You aren’t required to be the author even if your proposal is selected. Instead, you can choose to be a technical editor, or the project manager of the book, so send along your idea even if you aren’t interested in being the author!
  • If you do decide to be an author, we have a strong network of editors who use written feedback, team guides and video calls to guide you through the process and mentor you to help you improve and be the best writer you can be.

You could have your very own animal-tastic cover on your bookshelf!

Where to Go From Here?

If you’d like to submit a proposal, don’t write anything yet!

First, contact me (Manda Frederick, the Managing Editor) so I can send you our book proposal template. You should then fill that in and return it to me.

All proposals are due by the end of January 23, 2019 — you won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity to join our team and share your knowledge with the developer community.

I wish you the best of luck, and we look forward to creating some amazing books with some of you! :]