iOS Apprentice Book Fully Updated for iOS 13, Swift 5.1 — Plus SwiftUI!

The iOS Apprentice, our classic book for learning iOS development, has been completely updated for Swift 5.1 and iOS 13 — and now with SwiftUI! By Manda Frederick.

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iOS Apprentice Book Fully Updated for iOS 13, Swift 5.1 — Plus SwiftUI!

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Happy Tuesday! On the heels of our Black Friday sale, we’re pleased to announce that iOS Apprentice, Eighth Edition is now out of early access and fully updated for iOS 13, Swift 5.1 and Xcode 11. Most importantly, we’ve been hard at work incorporating SwiftUI into this foundational book to keep you updated with all the new goodness in iOS.

Read on to see what’s new in this edition and how to get your copy!

What’s Inside iOS Apprentice, Eighth Edition

If you’ve already purchased iOS Apprentice in early access, or have purchased the digital edition of this book in the past, this is — and always will be! — a free update to all digital edition customers.

If you’ve already made your way through the book, you might want to revisit the newly updated chapters to refresh on the concepts and get acquainted with SwiftUI.

In this version, which adds Section II, we have made some major updates – see below for some of the changes we have made!

Section II: Checklists

In this section of the book, you’ll build Checklists. As you may have gathered from the name, it’s a TODO app that lets the user create, manage, and track items in one or more lists. Lists are a key part of many apps, and the lessons you’ll learn while building Checklists will serve you well when you start coding your own creations.

You’ll make a multi-screen app, which will teach you the concepts of navigating from screen to screen, and sharing information between screens. You’ll see how SwiftUI makes it easy to display lists of data. You’ll also learn about data models (how data is represented in a program) and data persistence (saving data). And finally, you’ll use local notifications to present the user with timely reminders and important messages that appear at the top of the screen.

By the end of this section, you’ll be able to write some basic (but useful) real-world productivity apps!

Some highlights in this section update:

  • We have built a brand new TODO list app using SwiftUI — namely Checklists. Previously, this was built using UIKit, but we think beginners are going to benefit massively from learning how to build this app in SwiftUI as well.
  • We have trimmed down some of the logic for Checklists to make it simpler and easier to onboard you with SwiftUI.
  • We’ve added key concepts that SwiftUI brings to the table, with two fully built production apps using SwiftUI and Combine.

The second app you’ll build: Checklists!

Specifically, updated chapters include:

  • List Views: It’s time to start your next iOS project. Are you ready for the challenge? In this chapter, we will build our next app using SwiftUI, Checklists. Prepare for NavigationView, Arrays, Loops and removing items from the list.
  • A “Checkable” List: A Checklist app without being able to tick off the items? In this chapter, you will add the toggle for a Checklist item.
  • The App Structure: You’ve made great progress on creating a to-do list app by adding the checked status. In this chapter, you will start adding more features and start thinking about iOS design patterns.
  • Adding Items to the List: Your goal in this chapter is to start adding new items to your to-do list app. It also introduces the concept known as CRUD (Create, report, update and delete).
  • Editing Checklist Items: Congratulations! You can now add new items to your to-do list app. In this chapter, it’s time to start editing your list and changing the text.
  • Saving and Loading: In this final chapter for your to-do list app, you will learn about data persistence. Right now all the items are hardcoded, so it’s time to persist and go!

Best of all, the book comes complete with all source code for the apps in the book. That way, you can always compare your work to the final product of the authors at any point in your journey through the book!

Where to Go From Here?

  • If you’ve already bought the iOS Apprentice, you can log in to your account with the username you used to purchase the book, and download the PDF, ePUB and source materials for free on our store page.
  • If you’re still on the fence about purchasing this well-loved book for the first time… We hope you’ll join the more than 12,000 people who have started their iOS development adventures with this book since it was released. And for this week only, until Dec 9th, you can get it at the special update launch price of just $49.99!

On behalf of the whole iOS Apprentice team, thank you for your support — enjoy this update to one of our classic books!