Machine Learning by Tutorials: 3 Newly Updated Chapters!

We’ve added three updated chapters to our book, Machine Learning by Tutorials! By Manda Frederick.

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Machine Learning by Tutorials: 3 Newly Updated Chapters!

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Today, we’re excited to tell you that the second early access update of our book, Machine Learning by Tutorials, is available!

This edition adds three chapters updated to iOS 13, Swift 5.1, and Xcode 11, as well as the newest version of CreateML:

Where to Go From Here?

Learn how to train and tune your classifier.

Use Jupyter and Anaconda to tune and export your own ML models.

The YOLO model in action on the iPhone.

Machine learning has been around for a while — but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the boat. Thanks to the internet and smartphones, there is now more data than ever to feed machine learning, and ever-cheaper computing power to power that learning. Machine learning is now a practical tool for solving real-world problems that were too complex to deal with before.

In this book, you’ll learn how to use these tools and frameworks to make your apps smarter. Even better, you’ll learn how machine learning works behind the scenes — and why this technology is awesome.

Machine Learning by Tutorials now has three more updated chapters, and is available today as an early-access release.

If you’ve already purchased the book, or would like to buy your own copy, simply head over to our online store to download the latest version!

We hope you enjoy the latest updated chapters and we’ll keep you posted as new chapters become available!

  • Training the Image Classifier: It’s one thing to be given a model; it’s a whole other to create your own. You’ll learn how to use Create ML to create a model and how you can tune parameters for better classification.
  • Getting Started with Python & Turi Create: In this chapter, you’ll set up a Python environment to use the tools of the trade when it comes to creating machine-learning models. You’ll learn how to use Jupyter notebooks and Turi Create to tune and export models for Core ML.
  • YOLO & Semantic Segmentation: In this final chapter, you’ll learn about some advanced localization models. You’ll learn about one-shot detectors like YOLO and SSD and how they can be used to identify multiple objects in an image. You’ll also learn about how machine learning can be used for segmentation to separate an object from its background.