Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering Wrap-Up — And Last Day for Discount!

It’s been an exciting launch week for Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering. Don’t forget to grab your discount — and see what others are saying! By Chris Belanger.

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Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering Wrap-Up — And Last Day for Discount!

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We led off with with the book announcement, published a sample chapter from the book and even crafted a great tutorial on how to use the tools you’ll build in the book. We’re beat! :]

We love breaking new ground with books, and this one is no exception. Our author, Derek Selander, takes you on a fascinating journey through the deepest levels of tools such as LLDB and DTrace. He shows you how to use Python with these tools to help you explore everything you wanted to know about your own apps — or someone else’s.

Just to recap, here’s a quick overview of what’s in the book:

  • Getting Started: Learn your way around LLDB and its extensive list of subcommands and options.
  • Python Power: Use LLDB’s Python module to create powerful, custom debugging commands to introspect and augment existing programs.
  • Understanding Assembly: Truly understand how code works at an assembler-level and how you can explore code in memory.
  • Ptrace and Friends: Learn how to leverage ptrace, dlopen and dlsym to hook into C and Swift functions to explore code that you don’t have the source for.
  • Script Bridging: Extend the debugger to make it do almost anything you want, and learn how to pass in options or arguments to your debugging scripts.
  • DTrace: Dig deep and hook into a function with a DTrace probe to query a massive amount of process information.
  • …and more!

Response to the Book

We’ve received some great feedback on the book already, judging by the sample of tweets below:

Very proud of my friend and colleague @LOLgrep on the release of his first book!! Ping him and learn his black magic ways!!! Well done bud!

— Kris McEwan (@kris_mcewan) May 16, 2017

Just bought another @rwenderlich team book – "Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering". Gonna read it on 12 hours flight to @WWDC2017

— Daniel Radev (@djradev) May 10, 2017

@rwenderlich @LOLgrep Got it last night – Thank you my good sirs. What an exciting read :)

— adam (@adamdahan) May 8, 2017

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to check out the book!

How to Get the Discount

I wanted to remind you that our launch promotion for the book is only on for one more day, ending today, Friday, May 19th. It’s currently on sale for $44.99 — that’s a $10 discount off the cover price!

Head over to our store to grab the PDF version of the book before the sale ends:

The Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering team thank you for your support this week — and we hope you enjoy the book!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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