Top 10 WWDC 2018 Videos in Review

We assemble a list of the top 10 WWDC 2018 videos that cover everything you need to know, including Core ML, Siri Shortcuts, ARKit 2 and more! By Tim Mitra.

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10) Embracing Algorithms — Session 223

Embracing Algorithms WWDC 2018

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“The video I enjoyed most was Embracing Algorithms — the next installment of David Abrahams and Crusty. This video didn’t so much disseminate knowledge, as propose a different coding paradigm.” — Caroline Begbie, Independent iPhone Developer

Dave Abrahams is back with another coding allegory with his alter ego, Crusty, the old-school developer who favors an 80 x 120, plain-text terminal. No “fancy debuggers” or IDEs for Crusty. His insistence on straight forward development practice was the runaway favorite of WWDC 2015 with the Introduction of Protocol Oriented Programming session.

In this talk focused on Swift programing methodologies, we walk through Dave’s use of for loops and while loops, then reduce the complexity and code sizing with the judicious use of algorithms. Using functions from the Swift standard library, Abrahams explains how to employ an algorithm driven approach.

“He talks about the importance of understanding algorithms beyond preparing for technical interviews. He goes through a case study on how misusing clean but inefficient code can critically impact scalability and performance.” – Kelvin Lau, Senior iOS Developer, Apply Digital, Ltd.

Note: For more on algorithms take a look at Kelvin Lau & Vincent Ngo’s book, Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift. Kelvin also has posted several articles in the Swift Algorithm Club of the site.

Where to Go From Here?

In summary, here are our picks of the top 10 WWDC 2018 videos to watch:

  1. Platforms State of the Union
  2. What’s New in Cocoa Touch
  3. Introduction to Siri Shortcuts
  4. Introducing Create ML
  5. Swift Generics
  6. Advanced Debugging with Xcode and LLDB
  7. Getting the Most out of Playgrounds in Xcode
  8. Building Faster in Xcode
  9. High Performance Auto Layout
  10. Embracing Algorithms

Thanks to contributors: Ish ShaBazz, Thom Pheijffer, Arthur Garza, Sanket Firodiya, Darren Ferguson, David Okun, Cosmin Pupăză, Caroline Begbie, Lorenzo Boaro, Khairil, Caesar Wirth, Mark Powell, Ray Fix, Dann Beauregard, Shawn Marston, Shai Mishali, Felipe Laso-Marsetti, Sarah Reichelt, Alexis Gallagher, Kelvin Lau.

Special thanks to: Mark Rubin, Rasmus Sten, Ray Fix, Darren Ferguson, Joey deVilla, Scott McAlister, Jean-Pierre, Distler, Josh Steele, Antonio Bello, Greg Heo, Fuad, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer Extraordinaire Tammy Coron, Dru Freeman, Luke Parham, Caroline, Lea.

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