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New books, updated books — and bundles to help you save big! It’s our biggest Fall Sale event ever. Come see what’s inside! By Tiffani Randolph.

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It’s that time of year again — it’s the annual Fall iOS Event!

This year, we’ve got a brand-new surprise book, new content for lots of our other books, plus updates to our most popular iOS books. It’s our biggest iOS event ever!

But, that’s not all; you can also save some serious money with our time-limited bundles containing our newest books:

And yes, we’re also going to be running a giveaway: One lucky reader will win a free iOS Fall 2019 Bundle — that’s a $299.95 value!

This sale kicks off today and lasts until Friday, October 11. Keep reading to learn more about our event, and how you can take advantage of everything we have on offer this year!

Our New Surprise Book

We have a brand new surprise book out in early access: Mastering Git by Tutorials!

1) Mastering Git by Tutorials

Mastering Git by Tutorials

If you’re frustrated with Git and want to stretch your knowledge beyond simple branching and merging in GUI clients like Tower or GitHub Desktop, then this is the book for you!

Mastering Git by Tutorials expands on the concepts touched on in our popular Beginning Git and Mastering Git video courses. This book dives deep into the Git internals, shows you how to fix your repo when Git behaves unexpectedly, reveals how rebase, cherry-pick, and merge really work behind the scenes, and even covers the major Git workflows in use today.

Whether you’re a novice with Git, or an advanced developer who needs to fix the messes other people have made of your repository, then this is the book you can’t do without.

What’s inside Mastering Git by Tutorials:

  • Git Internals: If you’ve been using Git for a while, you might be wondering how it actually works. See how Git is built on top of a simple key-value store-based file system, learn about the elegant and efficient branching model inside of Git, and discover the power this provides to you as a distributed development team.
  • Merge Conflicts: Although merging sometimes seems like more of a headache than it should be, it’s one of the most useful and elegant bits of Git source control. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to handle merge conflicts, which occur when Git can’t automatically merge your changes changes.
  • Rebasing to Rewrite History: Rebase has way more uses than just as a replacement for merge. Rebasing offers the ability to completely rewrite the history of your git repo, should you need to squash commits, or clean up a messy branching history.
  • Gitignore After the Fact: Gitignore is easy, right… right? If you’ve been using it for a while, you’ll know that this isn’t always true. Discover how you can fix problems with your .gitignore, such as clearing out files that have been accidentally committed to the repository, and how to manage merges that affect ignored files.

And if you’re getting started with Git (or want to understand how the basics of Git work under the hood), this book has a whole first section devoted to Git fundamentals, including:

  • Cloning a Repo: It’s quite common to get your start with Git by creating a copy of somebody else’s repository. Discover how to clone a remote repo to your local machine, and what constitutes “forking” a repository.
  • The Staging Area: Before you can create a Git commit, you have to use the “add” command. What does it do? Discover how to use the staging area to great effect through the interactive git add command.
  • Git log and Viewing History: There’s very little point in creating a nice history of your source code if you can’t explore it. You’ll discover the versatility of the git log command—displaying branches, graphs and even filtering the history.
  • Branching: The real power in Git comes from its branching and merging model. This allows you to work on multiple things simultaneously. Discover how to manage branches, and exactly what they are in this chapter.
  • Syncing with a Remote: You’ve been working hard on your local copy of the Git repository, and now you want to share this with your friends. See how you can share through using remotes, and how you can use multiple remotes at the same time.
  • Merging: Branches in Git without merging would be like basketball without the hoop—fun, sure, but with very little point. In this chapter, you’ll learn how you can use merging to combine the work on multiple branches back into one.
  • Stashes: Git stashes offer a great way for you to create a temporary snapshot of what you’re working on, without having to create a full-blown commit. Discover when that might be useful, and how to go about it.

One thing is certain: once you’re done with this book, you’ll know more about working with Git than most other developers you’ll meet!

This book is available as part of our early access program; when you buy the book now, you’ll receive a free update when the book is available in full!

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It’s been a busy year, trying to stay on top of everything Apple announced at WWDC 2019. We’re thrilled to present the following updates to our books covering the newest Apple technologies of 2019: SwiftUI, Catalyst and Combine!

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