Game On Book Launch Giveaway Winners — and Last Day For Discount!

See who won copies of our Game On Launch Event books — and don’t forget that today is the last day to grab your discount on books on ARKit, Metal, Unity 2018.1 and more! By Chris Belanger.

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Game On Book Launch Giveaway Winners — and Last Day For Discount!

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From building beautiful, immersive apps with ARKit, to building your own game engine in Metal, to crafting classic beat ’em up, 3D first-person shooters and 2D platformers in Unity, there’s something for every gaming fan in this event, from the 8-bit heroes all the way up to today’s cutting-edge AR game developers.

And I also hope you took advantage of the book launch discounts over at our online store, as well!

As part of the celebration, we’re giving away a pile of books today to twelve (twelve!) lucky readers.

See below to find out who’s won — and to find out how to get your discount on these great books before time runs out!

Game On Book Launch Giveaway Winners

To enter the giveaway, we asked you to add a comment to the announcement post with the answer to this question:

What book are you most excited about in our Game On book launch event?

We’ve randomly selected three winners for each of the books featured in our Game On event. The winners are:

ARKit by Tutorials winners:

  • chuck_jay
  • ron_coolson
  • mattbarr

Metal by Tutorials winners:

  • grzehotnik
  • typarks
  • mr_berna

Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit – Unity winners:

  • saurabh19851
  • seanperez29
  • cherry

Unity Games by Tutorials Third Edition winners:

  • justintimestdio
  • charlesmuchene
  • asmodeo

Congratulations! We have added a free copy of the book you’ve won to your account. Enjoy!

Last Day for the Discount!

Today, June 8 2018, is the absolute last day to get any of the books featured in our Game On event. So if you’re looking to learn more about Metal, get started with ARKit, or build 2D and 3D Games in Unity, then today is the day to do it!

You can grab the discount at any one of the book links below:

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway, bought the books, read the tutorials, left comments in the forums, shared our posts on Twitter and sent us some great comments over the last two weeks. We truly appreciate you for making what we do possible!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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