Bottom Navigation

See how to set up Android bottom navigation with Jetpack Navigation, and also see an alternative means of implementing bottom navigation that allows separate back stacks for each tab, the Bottom Navigator library from Pandora. By Joe Howard.

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Who is this for?

This course is for Android developers looking to understand how to integrate bottom navigation into their Android apps, including while using Jetpack Navigation.

Covered concepts

  • Jetpack Navigation
  • Navigation graph, NavHostFragment, NavController
  • BottomNavigationView
  • Bottom navigation with Jetpack Navigation
  • Using the Bottom Navigator library to allow for multiple back stacks
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See how to create an app that uses bottom navigation with Jetpack Navigation, similar to what you would get with the Bottom Navigation Activity template.

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Add more destinations for each tab of your bottom navigation, and see how to create a custom transition between destinations.

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Use the Bottom Navigator library from Pandora to allow each tab in the bottom navigation to have it's own back stack that is retained when switching tabs.