Our 2000th Tutorial: Reflections and the Next 1000

We’ve just crossed the 2000th tutorial threshold at raywenderlich.com. Learn where it all started, and help us imagine where we should go from here! By Chris Belanger.

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Our 2000th Tutorial: Reflections and the Next 1000

3 mins

By my calculations, it took just under six years to reach the first 1000 tutorial mark. To compare, we’ve reached the 2000 tutorial mark in a little less than a year and a half since then. Crazy!

And we have no plans to slow down either; we have a ton of great tutorial content coming your way that covers more of what you need to know in iOS, Android, Unity, and other great technologies.

How We Got To Here

This site has grown a lot since its beginnings; from the early days as a personal development blog, it’s grown to include publishing books, hosting conferences, creating great video courses and screencasts, and even embracing Android with open arms — despite our early reservations about Android as a platform!

But what we’re most proud of is watching you, the community, grow along with us. We’ve enjoyed hearing about your successes with using raywenderlich.com tutorials to land your first iOS development job; we’ve loved seeing the apps you’ve built and shared with the community; and we’ve really enjoyed seeing some of you move from positions as fledgling developers into building your own companies and running your own startups.

Just a small portion of the team saying “thanks” for helping us hit 2000 tutorials!

Truly, without you as our community, we would still be a one-person show, publishing blog posts for fun. We absolutely believe that teamwork lets you dream bigger, and we want to thank you all for helping us reach our 2000th tutorial.

As we reflect on how the industry has changed, where augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning seem to be all anyone talks about these days, it’s interesting to imagine where raywenderlich.com will be be another thousand tutorials from now:

  • Will we be teaching you how to train your ML models to write apps for you?
  • Will we have ditched iOS entirely in favor of helping you design that next breakout VR app?
  • Will the idea of Zero UI have become a reality, and we can say goodbye to messing around with Auto Layout entirely?
  • Or will it be something that we can’t even dream of right now?

Where to Go From Here?

I’d love to know what you think raywenderlich.com should be covering 1000 tutorials from now. Web technologies? More machine learning? Learning how to protect yourself from your sentient iOS apps that run amok and become Skynet? Your feedback as a community has been invaluable to us over the years, and has helped shape the raywenderlich.com you know and love today.

Leave a comment below and let us know where you think the industry is heading, and what shiny new tech you think raywenderlich.com should cover. We look forward to reading about your ideas!