Will Our iOS Books be Updated for Swift 5.1 and iOS 13?

As always, you want to know if we’ll be updating our book lineup for Swift 5.1 and iOS 13. And what about SwiftUI? Find out here! By Chris Belanger.

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WWDC is but a distant memory by now, but as always, we know you want the answer to the question: “Will raywenderlich.com update its books for Swift 5.1 and iOS 13? And what about SwiftUI?”

We’re happy to tell you that yes, we are hard at work updating our books already! Keep reading to find out full details on which books will be updated, and when they’ll be available.

Which Books Will be Updated in the Fall?

Here are the books we’re planning to update to Swift 5.1 and iOS 13:

  1. Machine Learning by Tutorials
  2. Advanced iOS App Architecture
  3. Server-Side Swift with Kitura
  4. iOS Apprentice
  5. iOS Test-Driven Development by Tutorials
  6. Metal by Tutorials
  7. Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift
  8. Swift Apprentice
  9. Design Patterns by Tutorials
  10. ARKit by Tutorials
  11. Push Notifications by Tutorials
  12. Concurrency by Tutorials
  13. Core Data by Tutorials
  14. iOS Animations by Tutorials

And good news: these updates will be 100% free for digital version customers. So, if you’d like any of these books, feel free to order the digital version now: you’ll receive the iOS 12 version now, and you’ll get the iOS 13 version once it’s released this fall.

That’s 14 free updates in one year! You won’t find that kind of value anywhere else.

Which Books Will be Updated Later?

We also have two books we are planning on updating at some point, but not in the fall:

  • Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering: We’re waiting on Swift 5.1 and iOS 13 internals to settle before we start the update. As well, since a lot of the book deals with Python, we’re hoping to update the entire book to Python 3.0 once Python 2.7 is officially put to rest at the end of this year.
  • Server Side Swift with Vapor: We’re waiting on the Vapor team to release Vapor 4 before we start to migrate the book. There is an alpha release of Vapor 4 out already, so an update to the book may come later this year or early next.

What About SwiftUI?

We took a good, hard look at the current state of SwiftUI, to see where and how it made sense for us to fit SwiftUI into our books.

Here’s what we decided:

  • iOS Apprentice: We are rewriting the first half of the book to teach you how to build your first two apps using Swift UI. We’re then creating a new section in the middle of the book to help you bridge your SwiftUI knowledge with UIKit, and the second half of the book will remain in UIKit as it always has. We think that SwiftUI is the best starting point for people new to app development, but we recognize that there will still be a lot of UIKit around for years to come, and we need to bridge both UI development paradigms in the short term. Splitting the iOS Apprentice this way gives you the best of both worlds!
  • Advanced iOS App Architecture: We’re adding some new chapters to this book to show how SwiftUI changes your approach to architecture. In fact, some of the architectures introduced in this book actually work better under SwiftUI than UIKit, and you’ll learn how to rework your apps to take advantage of the architectural advantages of SwiftUI.
  • iOS Animations by Tutorials: Our classic book on iOS animations is also getting some new chapters on how to work with animations under SwiftUI. The simplicity of SwiftUI lends itself nicely to animations in your app, and we’ll show you how to create beautiful, advanced animations in SwiftUI — with less code than you’d expect.

As SwiftUI grows and matures, we expect we’ll start to migrate more of our books to SwiftUI, but for now, we think the above updates are a good start to showcase what you can do with SwiftUI in your apps.

And if you want more about SwiftUI and the other new technologies released at WWDC, check out our Advanced iOS Summer Bundle, which contains 3 brand new books on SwiftUI, Combine, and Catalyst! Right now the new books are on sale for just $99.

What Books Won’t be Updated?

Here are the books we aren’t planning on updating:

  • RxSwift: With the recent release of Combine, our RxSwift team is busy working on our new book, Combine: Asynchronous Programming with Swift. We’ll revisit our RxSwift book once we’re done with the new book on Combine to see what updates the RxSwift book needs, if any.
  • Realm: With Realm’s recent acquisition by MongoDB, we’re waiting to judge the future direction of the Realm platform, and if there are significant updates that affect the book, we’ll announce any updates to the Realm book at that point.

When Will Updated Books be Available?

We’re targeting Fall 2019 for the release of all 14 updated books and the 3 new books in the Advanced iOS Summer Bundle, so stay tuned for updates.

And we just might have a few surprises in store for you this book season as well (especially if you’re an Android developer). But you’ll have to come back in the fall to find out!

Where To Go From Here?

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We hope you enjoy our new and updated Swift 5.1, iOS 13, and SwiftUI books. We’re looking forward to celebrating our 2019 Fall book season with you!

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