Concurrency by Tutorials: Complete Book Available!

Two new chapters complete this book that teaches you what you need to know about writing performant and concurrent code for your iOS apps! By Manda Frederick.

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Our mini-book — Concurrency by Tutorials — is now complete with two new chapters that will complete what you need to know about writing performant and concurrent code for your iOS apps! And, for the next two weeks, you can get this book for $10 off!

Read on to learn:

About Concurrency by Tutorials

Concurrency by Tutorials was part of our mega Spring Fling last April, so you may have overlooked some of the details of why this is such a great addition to your development library.

Concurrency is the concept of multiple things, or pieces of work, running at the same time. With the addition of CPU cores in our devices, knowing how to properly utilize your customer’s hardware to the maximum is a must. However, proper concurrency in iOS apps is one of the lesser-known topics that every developer wants to (and should) understand properly — but it can be intimidating.

We’ve created the most thorough and concise guide there is out there. At just around 100 pages — and a slim price to match – picking up this book is a no-brainer if you are an intermediate iOS developer who already knows the basics of iOS and Swift development but who wants to learn how to make your app efficiently execute tasks without affecting performance, and how to properly divide work to utilize hardware to the fullest extent.

The book is broken into four sections to give you a beginning-to-end understanding of concurrency:

  • Section I: Getting Started with Concurrency: This section will provide you with the foundational knowledge regarding concurrency, specifically how concurrency is handled through Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) or Operations.
  • Section II: Grand Central Dispatch: Take a deep dive into Apple’s most popular and easy-to-use mechanism to write and manage concurrent tasks – Grand Central Dispatch. You’ll learn how to utilize queues and threads to control the execution of tasks in your app, as well as how to group these tasks. You’ll also learn about common pitfalls and dangers of using concurrency, and how you can avoid them.
  • Section III: Operations: Even though Grand Central Dispatch provides most of the concurrency capabilities you’ll need right out-of-the-box, sometimes you’ll want some extra customizability. This is where Operations come into play. This section will teach you about Operations, Operation Queues, and everything in between.
  • Section IV: Real-Life Concurrency: To wrap up this book, this section will be dedicated to showing you how all of the knowledge you’ve accumulated throughout this book can be used for real-life applications. Take a deeper dive into a common case where concurrency plays a huge role — Core Data — as well as learn about Apple’s Thread Sanitizer as a great tool to debug and resolve concurrency issues and confusions.

Learn about asynchronous operations to optimize your workflow!

Concurrency by Tutorials is 100% complete and is available today with two new chapters — and it’s on sale until Wednesday, July 31!!

What’s New in This Edition?

Concurrency by Tutorials now has two new chapters that focus on concurrency in real-life apps:

  • Core Data: Core Data works well with concurrency as long as you keep a few simple rules in mind. This chapter will teach you how to make sure that your Core Data app can handle concurrency properly.
  • Thread Sanitizer: Data races occur when multiple threads access the same memory without synchronization and at least one access is a write. This chapter will teach you how to use Apple’s Thread Sanitizer to detect data races.

Concepts like thread sanitization may seem intimidating, but this book will take you step-by-step and show you everything you need to know!

Meet the Author

Scott Grosch has been involved with iOS app development since the first release of the public SDK from Apple. He mostly works with a small set of clients on a couple large apps. During the day, Scott is a Solutions Architect at a Fortune 500 company in the Pacific Northwest. At night, he’s still working on figuring out how to be a good parent to a toddler with his wife.

Where to Go From Here?

Concurrency by Tutorials is available today, in full release with two new chapters. Remember, when you purchase this book, you get the digital PDF, e-pub, source code and project files, and free updates!

  • If you’ve already bought the Concurrency by Tutorials digital edition, you can log in to the store and download the updated version, here.
  • If you haven’t already bought this must-have addition to your development library, head over to our store page by Wednesday, July 31, to grab your copy at our special launch discount of just $29.99!