Navigating Coding Bootcamp: A Mentor’s Tips for Success

A bootcamp mentor shares tips for students on what to expect, what mentors want to see from their students and how to overcome inevitable barriers to graduating. By Mina H. Gerges.

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Networking and Beyond

In a well-known study in Massachusetts, 56% of a sample of 282 professionals got jobs through social relationships. One of the advantages of bootcamps over self-study is that they help you build your coding community. You build relationships with your mentors and peers, share your LinkedIn profile, follow each other’s progress and open opportunities to one another.

Some bootcamps offer job interviews to the top students after bootcamp. However, bootcamps can also help you hunt for your next job through the connections you build during them. By demonstrating your effort and skills during networking activities, you increase your chances of securing future opportunities.

Key Takeaways

Throughout this article, you’ve learned what you can expect from a bootcamp, what mentors expect from you and how you can overcome inevitable obstacles. Specifically:

  • The essential components of a bootcamp are: The people you’ll form relationships with, the learning materials you’ll consume and the way your progress will be measured and graded.
  • Mentors will expect students to commit to their tasks, put in the effort to learn through projects and assignments, and work to improve their connections with both mentors and peers.
  • Setting goals, overcoming challenges, and taking precautions while following the bootcamp’s curriculum are all necessary for getting the most out of a bootcamp.

Have you ever participated in a bootcamp? Would you be willing to share your experience? Or do you intend to enroll in one and are seeking solutions to the difficulties you might face during your bootcamp? Join the discussion in the forum below and add your story or query.

About the Author

Mina Gerges is a senior iOS developer who has worked at Kodeco as an article author since January 2022. He participated in two Kodeco iOS Coding Bootcamps, one as an on-call mentor and the other as a mentor for a group of students. He was also a mentor for the iOS Summer interns while working for Orange Egypt. Through all of these experiences, he learned more about bootcamps and how to help students get the most out of them.