An iOS 11 Surprise Coming Tomorrow!

We have a special surprise coming for you tomorrow to coincide with the release of iOS 11! By Chris Belanger.

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An iOS 11 Surprise Coming Tomorrow!

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It’s been an interesting few months for iOS developers, hasn’t it? Since WWDC 2017, speculation has run amok about what’s coming at the Apple Special Event tomorrow.

From leaks of iPhone 8 prototypes (or is it iPhone X?) with the the infamous “notch” at the top of the screen, to rumors of Face ID login, to 4K Apple TVs, to animated emoji, to murmurs about LTE-enabled Apple Watches, there’s been a lot of speculation in the Apple ecosystem about what Apple has in store for us.

Well, tomorrow you’ll get a double treat.

In addition to watching the Apple Special Event tomorrow, you can check back here to see what we’ve been working on behind the scenes and help us celebrate the launch of iOS 11!

Think you know what we have in store? Feel free to make your guesses in the comments!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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