tvOS Top Shelf Tutorial: Static and Interactive

In this tvOS Top Shelf tutorial, you’ll learn how to add static and interactive content to the top shelf and give your tvOS app an edge over other apps! By Kelvin Lau.

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Differentiating Between Items

Open AppDelegate.swift and add the following:

func application(_ app: UIApplication, open url: URL,
    options: [UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsKey: Any] = [:])
    -> Bool {
  return true

This method will be called whenever your user selects a top shelf item with a displayURL, passed in as an argument to the method.

Before you can build and run, you’ll have to switch back to the NewsApp scheme:

Build and run your app; once the app launches press Command+Shift+H to bring your tvOS simulator back to the home screen. Navigate to your top shelf and select the Martian Riot news item. You should see the following output in your console:


Next, navigate back to your top shelf and select the Comet item. This time, your console should show the following:


Hey! Those are the identifiers you’ve added to the displayURL property earlier! Now you have a distinguishing feature you can rely on.

For this app, you’ll simply bring the user to the associated tab related to the theme of the content. You currently have four tabs in your app. You’ll define their indexes using a few variables.

Add the following variables to AppDelegate.swift, right below the var window: UIWindow? statement:

let newsTab = 0
let martianTab = 1
let earthTab = 2
let milkyWayTab = 3

Next, update application(_:open:options:) to the following:

func application(_ app: UIApplication, open url: URL,
    options: [UIApplicationOpenURLOptionsKey: Any] = [:])
    -> Bool {
  guard let initialViewController = window?.rootViewController
    as? UITabBarController else { return false }

  let urlString = url.absoluteString
  switch urlString {
  case "newsapp:?identifier=martianRiot":
    initialViewController.selectedIndex = martianTab
  case "newsapp:?identifier=comet",
    initialViewController.selectedIndex = milkyWayTab
    return false
  return true

Here, you’ve set out the code to handle the select event for each of the three items. For the Martian Riot news item, you’ve directed the user to the news tab for Mars. For the Comet and Asteroid news items, you’ve directed the user to the Milky Way tab.

Build and run your app; select any of the news category items to ensure you’re launched into the proper spot in your app. You’re ready to assume your spot as the biggest galactic news mogul this side of Saturn! :]

Where to Go From Here?

You can download the finished project from this tutorial here.

You’ve covered a lot of ground in this tutorial. You’ve learned all about the top shelf and the two layouts associated with it. Although you’ve only worked through the sectioned layout, you’ll be glad to know that using the inset layout involves almost all the same steps you’ve gone through here.

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