RWDevCon 2018: List of Topics Sneak Peek!

Check out a sneak peek of the topics we’ll be covering at RWDevCon 2018! By Ray Wenderlich.

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RWDevCon 2018: List of Topics Sneak Peek!

2 mins

One of the unique things at RWDevCon 2018 is that we choose the tutorial topics by popular vote (while picking a few extra topics that we think are cool).

We recently had a call for suggestions and then a tutorial vote – and I know a lot of folks have been wondering which topics won.

Well, today I am happy to give you a sneak peek of the results! Note that the full schedule and session descriptions will come soon.

We are offering 18 tutorials across 3 tracks this year:

  1. Auto Layout Best Practices
  2. App Development Workflow (everything but the code)
  3. Xcode Tips & Tricks
  4. Swift 4 Serialization
  5. Creating a Living Style Guide for Your App
  6. Android for iOS Developers
  7. Clean Architecture on iOS
  8. Clean Architecture on Android
  9. Refactoring Legacy Codebases to Clean Architecture
  10. Creating a Streaming Video Player App
  11. Getting Started with ARKit
  12. Architecting Modules
  13. Improving App Quality with Test Driven Development
  14. Creating Custom Views
  15. Integrating Metal Shaders with SceneKit
  16. Using RxSwift and Redux to build Modular Unidirectional Apps
  17. Advanced WKWebView
  18. The Art of the Chart

This is addition to the 4 optional pre-conference workshops covering:

  1. Machine Learning in iOS
  2. Swift Algorithms
  3. Practical Instruments
  4. ARKit in Depth

Plus, we have 5 inspiration talks, the awesome opening reception, the conference party, the board game playing, the classic “special surprise” at the end, and a brand new secret conference feature that we’ll be announcing soon :]

Tickets are selling fast, so if you are interested in any of these topics be sure to register now.

The team and I look forward to seeing some of you next April for some awesome hands-on tutorials! :]