Jetpack Compose Primer

Note: This course used a pre-alpha version of Jetpack Compose and is now obsolete. But a new course on Jetpack Compose is in the works and coming soon! Get up and running fast with the recently announced and pre-alpha Jetpack Compose toolkit for creating Android user interfaces in Kotlin code. By Joe Howard.

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Who is this for?

This course is for advanced Android developers that are interested in experimenting with the Jetpack Compose toolkit from Google for building user interfaces in Kotlin code.

It expects you to be familiar with Android Studio and Kotlin programming, and to have experience with using the command-line. Familiarity with developing for the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) would be helpful but is not required.

Covered concepts

  • Installing and using the repo tool for AOSP development
  • Running a custom version of Android Studio that is compatible with the pre-alpha Jetpack Compose
  • Running and exploring Jetpack Compose sample projects
  • Experimenting with new code in a Jetpack Compose sample project
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Install the repo tool for AOSP development, and use repo to download the Jetpack Compose pre-alpha software, including a custom version of Android Studio.

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Use a custom version of Android Studio 3.4.1 to open Jetpack Compose sample projects, then run and explore the Jetpack Compose demo code.

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See how to add a new Activity to the Jetpack Compose demo project in order to begin experimenting with the use of Jetpack Compose.