Don’t Miss Our WWDC 2019 Livecast – June 3, 8PM PST!

Join us for our livecast event on June 3, 8pm PST for WWDC 2019 highlights, opinions from our panel of experts and more! By Tiffani Randolph.

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You’re invited to our livecast event this Monday, June 3, at 8PM PST for a first look at the highlights from Apple’s 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference and see what you should be paying attention to in the following week!

WWDC 2019 is Apple’s biggest, can’t miss event of the year for every iOS developer. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear live reactions and opinions from this year’s WWDC team from!

Our WWDC 19 Keynote Reactions Livecast will be available here. Bookmark that so you don’t lose it!

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Who will be on the livecast?

Jenn Bailey

Jenn is a freelance Android and iOS developer as well as a full-time computer science professor for Aims Community College in Colorado where she teaches a certificate in mobile app development including Android and iOS platforms. She is also a writer and an organizer for the Google Developer Group of Northern Colorado. In her spare time, she enjoys rollerblading, horseback riding and spending time with her teenage daughter and two dogs.

Ray Fix

Ray is using Swift to help create Revolve–the next generation in research microscopy at Echo. He also serves as the iOS tutorials topics master at Ray is mostly-fluent in spoken and written Japanese and stays healthy by walking, jogging, and playing ultimate frisbee. When he is not doing one of those things, he is writing and dreaming of code in Swift.

Dru Freeman

Dru started writing code for Apple products at the age of 11 when he received an Apple ][. Note, not a plus, not an e… just a ][. As computers and the internet were only a passing fad (said the sales guy at CompUSA) he went off to study Theatrical and Mass Media production. As a result, he self-taught himself through Basic, Pascal, Object Pascal, C, C++, Objective-C, and then Swift. Many years ago he discovered writing code paid more than waiting tables.

Josh Greene

Joshua is an author for He enjoys programming because he likes to see his creations come to life! When he’s not writing software, he’s usually writing, reading or speaking Japanese. His dream is to one day present at a developer conference entirely in Japanese.

Josh Steele

In his day job, Josh Steele writes apps (Java, iOS) for space and health at APL. He also teaches at the JHU Whiting School Engineer for Professionals Program (“Mobile Applications for the iOS Platform”) and is also a iOS screencaster at!

Audrey Tam

Audrey retired at the end of 2012 from a 25-year career as a computer science academic. Her teaching included Pascal, C/C++, Java, Java web services, web app development in php and mysql, user interface design and evaluation, and iOS programming. Audrey now teaches short courses in iOS app development to non-programmers, and attends nearly all Melbourne Cocoaheads monthly meetings.

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Add a calendar reminder and bookmark the livecast page to tune in on Monday, June 3, at 8PM PST.

If you are attending the conference or plan to watch any of the conference videos, please be sure to share your thoughts and comments in the livecast discussion section.

Thanks — and we look forward to hearing your thoughts about WWDC 2019! :]