Creating Custom Reusable Widgets in Flutter

Sep 14 2022 · Dart 2.18.0, Flutter 3.3.0, Android Studio Chipmunk 2021.2.1 & VS Code 1.70.2 Universal

Part 1: Creating Custom Reusable Widgets in Flutter

07. Update the Labels

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Notes: 07. Update the Labels

The students materials have been reviewed and are updated as of September 2022.

The update material uses null safety and also proper use of const and final keywords as per the latest Flutter guidelines. This is to encourage the students to use the latest Flutter best practices.

Heads up... You've reached locked video content where the transcript will be shown as obfuscated text.


Currently, we can change the current time by passing it through the constructor but we want to be able to update it whenever we move the slider. Since the slider should always stay in sync with the current time label, we’ll be using the _getTimeString method to generate the label string. Paste the following code:

String _getTimeString(double sliderValue) {
  final time = _getDuration(sliderValue);
// Use signgle quotes for strings. 
  String twoDigits(int n) {
    if (n >= 10) return '$n';
    return '0$n';

  final minutes = twoDigits(time.inMinutes.remainder(Duration.minutesPerHour));
  final seconds = twoDigits(time.inSeconds.remainder(Duration.secondsPerMinute));

  final hours = widget.totalTime.inHours > 0 ? '${time.inHours}:' : '';
  // Use signgle quotes for strings. 

  return '$hours$minutes:$seconds';
import 'dart:ui';
Text _buildCurrentTimeLabel() {
  return Text(
    style: TextStyle(
      fontFeatures: [FontFeature.tabularFigures()],
Text _buildTotalTimeLabel() {
  return Text(