raywenderlich.com iOS 11 and Swift 4 for Beginners Course Now on Udemy!

We’re excited to announce our very first video course ever on Udemy: iOS 11 and Swift 4 for Beginners! By Ray Wenderlich.

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raywenderlich.com iOS 11 and Swift 4 for Beginners Course Now on Udemy!

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The tutorial team and I are happy to announce that we’ve released our very first video course on Udemy: iOS 11 and Swift 4 for Beginners!

This course is intended for complete beginners to iOS 11 and Swift 4 development and represents a collection of some of the best tutorials from our site.

Keep reading to find out who this course is for, what’s inside, and how to get the entire course with 350+ videos for only $15!

Who Is This Course For?

This course is for absolute beginners to iOS 11 or Swift 4 development — or even for absolute beginners to programming in general.

  • Already a raywenderlich.com subscriber? Then you don’t need this course, since it only contains a small portion of what’s already included in your subscription. Therefore, you already have access to all the same great stuff in this course and much more.
  • Not subscribed yet, but want a “taste” of what the full subscription is like? Then this is the course for you!
Psst! Know someone in your office or school who’s a beginner to iOS development? We know they’d really like this course! :]

What’s Inside the Course?

This is a massive course, containing over 350 videos in a whopping 36 sections:

Sections 1–6: Your First Swift 4 and iOS 11 App: You’ll start the course with a bang by creating your first app, an entertaining game called Bulls-Eye.

Sections 7–12: Programming in Swift: You’ll then take a deep dive into the Swift language itself and cover fundamental programming concepts such as variables, loops, collections, structures, classes, optionals, closures, and more.

Sections 13–16: Your Second Swift 4 and iOS 11 App: Once you have a solid understanding of the Swift language, you’ll switch back to app development and create your second app, called Checklists, where you’ll learn about table views and navigation controllers.

Sections 17–18: Saving Data in iOS: We’ll then show you how to save your app’s data. We’ll cover all the methods, from raw file access to property lists to NSCoding to Core Data — and you’ll learn when to use each.

Sections 19–20: Beginning Auto Layout: Next, we’ll demystify the magic of Auto Layout, which you can use to make your app look great on a variety of device sizes.

Sections 21–22: Beginning Collection Views: Learn all about using collection views in iOS, starting with the basics, such as setting up a collection view in Interface Builder, and then move right through to some more advanced topics, like creating and manipulating custom cells and layouts.

Sections 23–25: Scroll View School: Take a deep dive into the scroll view — one of the most important, yet misunderstood controls in iOS development — and learn how to harness its power!

Sections 26–28: Beginning iOS Animations: Get started with iOS Animations! Watch this series to learn about animating Auto Layout constraints, views, and view controller transitions. Give your app the cool effects that will set it apart from all the others!

Sections 29–30: Beginning Core Data: Learn the basics of using Core Data in this beginning series! You’ll learn how to model your data with attributes and relationships, add and update records, and then fetch your data with sorting and filtering options.

Section 31: Networking with URLSession: Learn how to connect your apps to web services by leveraging the power of URLSession.

Sections 32–33: Beginning Firebase: Learn how to get started with Firebase, a popular mobile-backend-as-a-service that provides several features for building powerful mobile apps.

Section 34: Beginning Git: In this introduction to using Git for source control, you’ll learn everything from cloning and creating repos, through committing and ignoring files, to managing remotes and pull requests.

Section 35: Mastering Git: Take the solid foundation laid by Beginning Git and build upon it. Focus on fixing real-world problems, as you take a multi-user Git repository and work through the final steps of releasing a software product.

Section 36: Xcode Tips & Tricks: Learn how to use Xcode like a pro, including common keyboard shortcuts, composing Markdown, and working with frameworks and targets.

Get the Special Launch Discount!

To celebrate the launch of the course, select raywenderlich.com readers can receive the entire course for just $15!

This represents a discount of 92% off the normal price of $200 — and considering the massive amount of content in the course, it’s a pretty epic deal.

To get the discount, simply go to the course page and use the coupon code RWREADER.

This launch discount is only available for the first 200 readers who purchase the course, and it expires this Friday, October 20. Don’t miss out!

And once you take advantage of the discount, make sure you leave a review for us. We read all your comments, and they really help us out!

We hope you really enjoy this new course — and if you like this “taste” of our video courses, you can get complete access to all our video course content with a full raywenderlich.com subscription!