Android Networking: Beyond the Basics

Sep 8 2022 · Kotlin 1.7.10, Android 12, Android Studio Chipmunk

Part 1: Implement Advanced Retrofit

06. Challenge: Authentication & REST Methods

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There’s not that much else to practice, as you’ve mastered nearly everything in Android networking.


Alright, this request is very similar to how the register or complete note requests work. Start by creating a new class called DeleteNoteResponse, in the model package:

class DeleteNoteResponse(val message: String)
fun deleteNote(@Query("id") noteId: String): Call<DeleteNoteResponse>
fun deleteTask(taskId: String, onTaskDeleted: (Result<String>) -> Unit) {
  apiService.deleteNote(taskId).enqueue(object : Callback<DeleteNoteResponse> {
    override fun onFailure(call: Call<DeleteNoteResponse>, error: Throwable) {

    override fun onResponse(call: Call<DeleteNoteResponse>,
        response: Response<DeleteNoteResponse>) {
      val completeNoteResponse = response.body()

      if (completeNoteResponse?.message == null) {
        onTaskDeleted(Failure(NullPointerException("No response!")))
      } else {
networkStatusChecker.performIfConnectedToInternet {
  remoteApi.deleteTask(taskId) { result ->
    if (result is Success) {