Unity 2D Basics

Unity can be used to not only make 3D games, but 2D games as well. In this video tutorial series, you’ll learn all the various tools used to a make a 2D game and in the process, you’ll make a 2D game. By Brian Moakley.

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Find out what's covered in our Unity 2D Basics video tutorial series.

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Learn about the Unity 2D environment, the 2D tools available to you, and how to configure the orthographic camera.

Sprites 12:07
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Learn how to add, configure, and optimize sprites in Unity.

Animation 8:32
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Learn how to animate your sprites using the Animation and Animator views inside of Unity 2D.

Physics 13:52
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Learn how to work with physics in Unity's 2D environment.

Screen Sizes 10:19
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Learn how to adjust for screens with different aspect ratios to avoid unwanted effects when playing your game on different sized screens.

Conclusion 5:18
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Review what you learned in this video tutorial series on Unity 2D games and get your final challenge!