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Make the most out of your time with — check out the newest site features created just for you! By Lauren Elizabeth.

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We’re halfway through 2022 and we’ve been working hard to deliver on all the feature requests we’ve received (Have a few requests of your own? Hit reply and tell us about them!)

Check out the new features we’ve recently added and hear about up-and-coming additions to keep an eye out for in the near future below 👀

New Features Out Today

Transcripts for Video Courses

We’re rolling out transcripts across all our new video courses! We’ll also be working on adding transcripts to our most popular video tutorials. You can easily follow along with your instructor and skip ahead (or jump back) as needed. We have also included the ability to expand and collapse any code blocks for quick reference. Check it out here on our new Core Haptics course as an example and click on the “Transcripts” tab under the video:

More Options on Your Billing Page

If you’re a subscriber to our services already, you may have spotted a few differences on your Billing page. Now you can easily see what is included in your subscription, see when your membership will renew, and for how much. You can also easily upgrade your subscription and update your payment method from the convenience of that page.

Accelerator Bootcamps

Our newsletter subscribers may have already received the memo, but we’re happy to announce our 2022 Accelerator Bootcamps for iOS, Android, and Flutter! You can now check out each cohort’s hubs, where you can find information on start dates, curricula, requirements, and fees. Find more information and see if this new program offered by is a good fit for you:

Behind the Scenes Work

Sometimes, being a developer means a lot of work goes on that doesn’t immediately show up on the front end (as you know!). That’s been the theme of these last three months. While we can’t reveal too much, our engineers have been doing a lot of great work to prepare for some major updates – some that you will see and some that you won’t. With that being said, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more information at a later date.

Pauseable Subscriptions (Coming Soon)

With the launch of our updated Billing page, we’re working on one more exciting update for members on a monthly subscription – the ability to pause for up to 3 months. More details to follow in our next update!

Let us know what you think!

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We hope you’ll enjoy these features as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you!