Spring Ahead Sale: Pro Subscriptions and Books 50% Off

Grab our best deals of the year: Annual Pro Subscriptions at 50% off — and every single book on our site for 50% off too. Save big during this year’s Spring Ahead sale! By Chris Belanger.

Save for later

Have you been on Fishbowl lately? I’m hooked (pardon the pun) on the fascinating insights from people in all areas of tech — but especially the details about skyrocketing salaries and the rapid upward mobility developers are seeing at tech companies these days. It almost makes me want to hang up my marketing hat and go back to being a developer! (Well, almost.)

Development skills have never been higher in demand, so to stay at the top of your game you’re going to need serious, up-to-date courses and books to keep you ahead of the rest.

That’s why I’m excited to share that our 2022 Spring Ahead Sale has everything you need to become the best developer you can be, with Annual Pro subscriptions going for 50% off, and our ever-popular book sale also at 50% off!

Until the end of April 2022, you can save big on the best developer resources anywhere:

  • Save 50% on Annual Pro subscriptions: Make 2022 your best year yet — and set yourself apart from the rest! Get access to the largest and highest-quality library of mobile development books and video courses, and now, professional development seminars, to help you stay at the top of your mobile development game — just when you need it most.
  • Save 50% off all individual books: Want to build up your own custom book library? Whether you’re looking looking for real-world solutions for cutting-edge apps that scale, or you just want to build and ship your first app, you can save big with every book in our library — now 50% off the cover price!

Keep reading to get more details about the sale, how to find answers to your questions, and how to make 2022 the year you invest in yourself — with the best discounts we’ve offered all year!

Our Spring Ahead Sale kicks off Wednesday, April 13, and ends Saturday, April 30.

50% Off Annual Pro Subscriptions

The raywenderlich.com Annual Pro Subscription combines the best of what you know and love from our site: our video courses and our books, in a single subscription.

As an Annual raywenderlich.com subscriber, you’ll get unlimited access to the largest and highest-quality library of mobile development videos, as well as our extensive library of mobile development books. You can watch the videos as often as you like, and read the books as much as you like, as long as your subscription is active.

There are two levels of the Annual raywenderlich.com Subscription:

  • Annual Beginner: Includes our beginner-level books and videos, as your best choice for getting started with mobile development.
  • Annual Pro: Includes access to every single book and video on our site, including all books and videos we release in the future!

Here’s how the two subscription levels compare to each other:

With an Annual Pro Subscription, you’ll save more than 50% over the cost of a regular monthly plan.

Whether you’re just starting in mobile development, or are looking for advanced content, we have you covered with books and videos on iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Unity, Server-Side Swift, Dart, Flutter, and more. And we’re constantly releasing fresh new books and courses every month!

Just be sure to grab this great deal before the sale is over, as this is the best price we’ve offered all year on a raywenderlich.com subscription!

(New!) Professional Development Seminars

Exclusively for Pro Annual Subscribers! Being a top developer in this industry takes more than just straight coding skills. You need to connect with the best minds in the business — and bring their best practices back into your own career. Go deep with senior developers and other professionals from our network, who have founded companies, managed dev teams large and small, designed killer apps, and more — to help you be the best developer possible!

That’s why we’re bringing the best minds in the business to you, in these exclusive, live, monthly seminars where you’ll get the chance to interact in real-time with senior developers and other professionals from our network, who have founded companies, managed dev teams large and small, designed killer apps, and built their careers with some of the biggest companies in existence today… all who want to share their knowledge and lessons learned with you, to help you navigate the ups and downs of 2022 — and beyond.

To give you a taste of what to expect, we’ve released not one, but two of our Professional Development Seminars for free, below, so you can see what to expect as an Annual Pro Subscriber:

Professional Development Seminars give you insight that you just can’t get anywhere else. You’ll be able to ask questions of the live presenter, and hear from some of the most talented people in the profession, doing day-to-day work in the trenches just as you are. Battle-tested and hard-won advice like this just can’t be found in a book or video. And it’s available exclusively to Annual Pro Subscribers!

50% Off All raywenderlich.com Books

If a subscription doesn’t quite fit your needs, no worries! Every single raywenderlich.com digital edition book is on sale for 50% off! And remember: Every digital edition of our books comes with downloadable and portable ePUB and PDF editions, as well as free updates to the next edition, for as long as we update the book!

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, check out our handy FAQ page about our Spring Ahead Sale, here:

Where to Go From Here?

The world today has shown us that there’s never been a better time to invest in yourself, and that you need to be prepared against the unexpected! More than ever, you need to be at the top of your development game — and we want to help make your dreams a reality.

That’s why we’re offering you full access to the largest and most-up-to-date collection of mobile development books and video courses anywhere — at the best prices we’ve offered all year.

With our massive Spring Ahead Sale, it’s easier than ever to achieve your goals:

Build your skills, prove your worth in the mobile development industry, and turn your dreams into reality with our Spring Ahead Sale.

We wish we could offer this sale all year! Unfortunately, we can’t offer any extensions, so be sure to grab this great deal by Saturday, April 30! You won’t want to miss your best opportunity to grow your skills in 2022 and become the developer you deserve to be – with the biggest discounts we’ve ever offered!

We hope that you enjoy our Spring Ahead Sale deals, and on behalf of Ray, and the entire raywenderlich.com team, thank you for your support!