Unity 3D

Take your Unity skills to the next level by creating a game about monsters attacking wizards. In this series, you’ll learn about the various components related to 3D game making as well as importing custom models and animating them. By Brian Moakley.

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Find out what's covered in our Unity 3D Basics video tutorial series!

Materials 14:02
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Learn about materials in Unity so that you can give your game the visual look you desire.

Models 11:04
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Learn about the types of models you can import into Unity and how you can configure them.

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Learn how to animate models in Unity to bring them to life in your game.

Physics 10:27
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Learn about Unity's 3D physics engine and how to create collisions in your game.

Lighting 7:17
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Learn about some of the lighting components you have available to you in Unity.

Conclusion 5:53
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Review what you learned in our Unity 3D Basics series and get your final challenge!