Unity Basics

Unity is a popular game engine, used in such games such as Hearthstone, Crossy Road, and Cities: Skylines. In this series, you’ll learn the basics of Unity by making a simple 3D game. This course is geared for people who have never used Unity but some programming experience is required. By Brian Moakley.

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Introduction 10:49
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Find out what's covered in our Unity Basics video tutorial series!

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Learn about Unity's user interface: find out about its various views and how to customize them.

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Learn about how to customize your GameObject's behavior through the use of components and save it as a Prefab so it can be used multiple times in your game.

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Learn how to create new scripts in Unity and use them to bring your game to life.

Animation 14:48
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Learn how to animate things in Unity and how to manage those animation clips using the animator.

Sounds 8:36
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Learn how to work with sound in Unity through the use of audio sources and audio listeners.

Conclusion 6:09
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Review what you learned in this series and find out where you should look next as you continue to explore Unity.