Beginning FlutterFire

Aug 30 2022 · Dart 2.16, Flutter 3.0, Visual Studio Code 1.69

Part 3: Read & Write Data with the Cloud Firestore

11. Insert & Retrieve Data from Firestore

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Now that you’ve created the Activity model class, the Firestore database and added all the dependencies in your project, you can finally write the methods that allow retrieving and writing data to the database.

Future<DocumentReference> insertActivity(Activity activity) async { 
    final newActivity = await activities.add(activity.toMap()); 
    return newActivity; 
  Future<DocumentReference?> insertActivity(Activity activity) async { 
    try { 
      final newActivity = await activities.add(activity.toMap()); 
      return newActivity; 
    } on Exception catch (e) { 
      return null; 
  Future<List<Activity>> readActivities() async { 
    final QuerySnapshot<dynamic> snapshot = await activities.get(); 
    final List<Activity> list = []; 
    for (var i = 0; i <; i++) { 
      final activity = Activity.fromMap( 
[i].data() as Map<String, dynamic>,[i].id); =[i].id; 
    return list; 
Future testData() async { 

    await insertActivity( 
        Activity(null, 'Running', '12/12/2022', '8.30', '9.30', null)); 
    final activities = await readActivities(); 
    final helper = FirebaseHelper();