Test-Driven Development in Android

Jan 24 2023 Kotlin 1.6, Android 12, AS Bumblebee 2021.1.1

Part 2: Integration Tests

13. Master Integration Tests

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This video Master Integration Tests was last updated on Jan 24 2023

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We are going to repeat the same test driven development for 3 more tests. This’ll all be very good practice for you. The first tests is going to make sure that saveNewItem saves the correct data, remember that this test only verified that we saved something.

fun saveNewItemSavesData() {
    val wishlist = Wishlist("Victoria",
        listOf("RW Android Apprentice Book", "Android phone"), 1)
    val name = "Smart watch"
    viewModel.saveNewItem(wishlist, name)

    val mockObserver = mock<Observer<Wishlist>>()
        wishlist.copy(wishes = wishlist.wishes + name))
wishlist.copy(wishes = wishlist.wishes + name)
fun getWishListCallsDatabase() {