Announcing Git Apprentice, Second Edition!

The fastest and easiest way to learn Git and introduce version control to your software development projects. By B. Patil.

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Are you looking to become super-confident in Git? 🦸

You look around on Google, and you wonder, “Gosh, where do I begin?” 🤨

Here’s something no one tells you: Where there are plenty of resources out there for Git, there aren’t many that teach you everything you need to know to feel confident enough to use it in your software development projects.

So…where do you begin?

Say Hi to Git Apprentice! 👋

Git Apprentice is here to teach you everything you need to start using Git in your projects!

You’ll learn about how Git works under-the-hood and how to set up your own repos, as well as how to deal with remote syncing.

Who Is This Book For?

If you’re new to Git and wish to learn how to use it in your software development projects, this book is for you.

What’s Inside the Book?

This updated edition of Git Apprentice kicks off with a crash course in Git and then dives into some essential topics to build your foundations in Git.

Section I: Beginning Git

This section is intended to get newcomers familiar with Git. It will introduce the basic concepts that are central to Git, and you’ll learn about:

  • How to get started with Git.
  • What a typical Git workflow looks like.
  • Creating a new Git repository.
  • Cloning a remote repository to your local machine.
  • Staging and committing your changes.
  • Ignoring files in Git.
  • Displaying branches, graphs and filtering the history.
  • Branching and merging in Git.
  • Syncing with a remote.

Here’s a sneak peek at creating a Git repository on GitHub:

What Do You Need?

To follow along with this book, you’ll need the following:

  • Git 2.32.0 or later. Git is the software package you’ll use for all the work in this book. There are installers for macOS, Windows and Linux available for free from the official Git page here: We’ve tested this book on Git 2.32.0, but you can follow along with older versions of Git as well.

How to Get Your Own Copy

There are two ways you can get this book:

  • Buy it individually: If you want to build up a custom library without a subscription, you can choose to buy the book individually. It’s available now for just $59.99 in our online store.
  • Get it as part of our Beginner and Pro subscriptions: Enjoy access to our videos and mobile development books in our Ultimate Beginner and Ultimate Pro subscriptions, including Git Apprentice! Right now, you can get a full year’s subscription and save 20% off the cost of a regular monthly subscription. It’s simply the best investment for your development career.

We hope you enjoy this book! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

Say Hi to our Team! 👋

Meet the awesome folks who contributed to this book…

Bhagat Singh [Author]: Bhagat Singh is an author of this book. He hails from New Delhi, India. Bhagat started iOS Development as a hobby which eventually became his profession. His design practice combines design thinking and experience strategy with a relentless focus on the user. He has also been contributing in the Raywenderlich tutorial team from past three years. When the laptop lid shuts down, you can find him chilling with his friends and finding new places to eat. He dedicates all his success to his mother. You can find Bhagat on Twitter: @soulful_swift.

Chris Belanger [Credited Author]: Chris Belanger is an author of this book. He is the CMO of If there are words to wrangle or a paragraph to ponder, he‘s on the case. In the programming world, Chris has over 25 years of experience with multiple database platforms, real-time industrial control systems, and enterprise healthcare information systems. When he kicks back, you can usually find Chris with guitar in hand, looking for the nearest beach, or exploring the lakes and rivers in his part of the world in a canoe.

Aaron Douglas [Final Pass Editor]: Aaron Douglas is the final pass editor for this book. He was that kid taking apart the mechanical and electrical appliances at five years of age to see how they worked. He never grew out of that core interest – to know how things work. He took an early interest in computer programming, figuring out how to get past security to be able to play games on his dad’s computer. He’s still that feisty nerd, but at least now he gets paid to do it. Aaron works for Automattic (, WooCommerce, Tumblr, SimpleNote) as a Mobile Lead primarily on the WooCommerce mobile apps. Find Aaron on Twitter as @astralbodies or at his blog at

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