Your First Flutter App: An App From Scratch

Feb 22 2022 · Dart 2.14.1, Flutter 2.5, Visual Studio Code 1.6

Part 1: Get Started with Flutter

07. Create a New Flutter Project

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Every iOS or Android app starts with an app project. Flutter is no exception and with release Flutter 2.5, we get a whole lot of new options included with the project. With Visual Studio Code, you’ll be creating a new Flutter project and you’ll see that you can create projects in two different ways - using the command line or within Visual Studio Code itself. We’re going to be using that standard Flutter project setup, but there are other app project templates like the skeleton template that provides more configuration options. Just keep in mind when you do create a new app project, it must not have any spaces. Use underscores instead. Let’s get started creating your first flutter app.