Flutter UI Widgets

Nov 9 2021 · Dart 2.14, Flutter 2.5, VS Code 1.61

Part 1: Flutter UI Widgets

06. Work with BottomNavigationBar

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Notes: 06. Work with BottomNavigationBar

If you’re using Flutter 1.17 and above then you won’t get the Dart constraint error since those versions work a newer Dart sdk.

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Tabs are very common is most modern apps and Flutter provides us with different tab based widgets. The Scaffold widget provides us with the BottomNavigationBar which let’s us add a widget that can be shown at the bottom of the screen. Let’s add a BottomNavigationBar widget. Paste the following code inside the Scaffold:

bottomNavigationBar: BottomNavigationBar(
  currentIndex: 0,
  onTap: (int index) {},
  items: [
    const BottomNavigationBarItem(
      label: 'Home',
      icon: Icon(Icons.home),
    const BottomNavigationBarItem(
      label: 'Inbox',
      icon: Icon(Icons.mail),
// Members
final List<Widget> _pages = [
  const HomePage(),
  const InboxPage(),

int _selectedIndex = 0;

// Scaffold
body: IndexedStack(
  index: _selectedIndex,
  children: <Widget>[..._pages],

// BottomNavigationBar
currentIndex: _selectedIndex,
_onTapped(int index) {
  setState(() {
    _selectedIndex = index;
onTap: _onTapped,