iOS Games by Tutorials Version 1.0 Now Available!

iOS Games by Tutorials Version 1.0 is now available – with a new minigame, 7 new chapters, and tons of errata fixes! By Ray Wenderlich.

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iOS Games by Tutorials Version 1.0 Now Available!

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iOS Games by Tutorials Version 1.0 Now Available!

iOS Games by Tutorials Version 1.0 Now Available!

Good news – version 1.0 of iOS Games by Tutorials is now available!

Version 1.0 brings a ton of additions and improvements:

  • New Game! Build a top-down racing game called Circuit Racer, where you take the role of an elite racecar driver out to set a world record. It would be no problem if it weren’t for the debris on the track!
  • 7 New Chapters! Version 1.0 comes with the last 7 chapters of the book – it is now fully complete with 27 chapters and 825 pages!
  • Errata Fixes. This version also comes several fixes from the errata reported on the forums. Thanks so much for everyone who took the time to assist with this – it helps us improve and refine the book! :]

Keep reading for the list of new chapters, a “sneak peek” video, and instructions for how to get the latest version!

The New Chapters

Here’s a full list are the new chapters in this version:

  • Chapter 19, UIKit: Integrate Sprite Kit with UIKit to create view controllers for different screens of your game, as well as use standard iOS controls within your main game scene itself (such as creating an on-screen joypad).
  • Chapter 20, Accelerometer: Use the accelerometer to move your sprites around the screen!
  • Chapter 21, Game Center Achievements: Enable Game Center for your game and award the user achievements for accomplishing certain feats.
  • Chapter 22, Game Center Leaderboards: Set up various leaderboards for your game and track and report the player’s scores.
  • Chapter 23, Game Center Multiplayer: Add multiplayer support so players can race against each other in real-time across the Internet!
  • Chapter 24, AirPlay: Display the game on a TV or external display and use your device as a controller.
  • Chapter 26, Performance: Tips and Tricks: Learn how to get the most performance out of your game and gain an understanding of what’s fast and what’s slow when it comes to making 2D games on iOS.

Sneak Peak Video

Want a sneak peek of the new game in the book, Circuit Racer? Check out this video where Marin Todorov shows off one of the coolest parts about the game – AirPlay integration!

How To Get The Latest Version

If you are an existing iOS Games by Tutorials customer, you can download the latest version as a free update, on your My Loot page.

If for some reason you do not see the book in your “My Loot” page (but should), fill out this form with your forum username and the email you used to purchase the book to get access.

If you have not yet picked up iOS Games by Tutorials yet, you should check it out! Whether you’re a complete beginner to making games, or an advanced developer looking to get up-to-speed with Sprite Kit, we think you’ll really enjoy it.

We hope you enjoy the update!