Your Second Flutter App

Nov 30 2021 · Dart 2.13, Flutter 2.2.3, Visual Studio Code

Part 1: Parse Network Data

08. Parse Domains

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Each course has a domain like iOS or Android, and some courses are for multiple domains. Domain parsing is a bit more involved than the other course properties, since each course can have multiple domains. In this episode, you’ll see how to parse the list of domains in the fromJson method.

enum Domain { all, ios, android, flutter, sss, unity, macos, archived, unknown }
extension DomainExtension on Domain {
  String get name {
    switch (this) {
      case Domain.ios:
        return Strings.ios;
      case Domain.unity:
        return Strings.unity;
      case Domain.sss:
        return Strings.sss;
      case Domain.flutter:
        return Strings.flutter;
      case Domain.macos:
        return Strings.macos;
      case Domain.archived:
        return Strings.archived;
        return Strings.unknown;
import '../strings.dart';
final List<Domain> domains;
import 'domain.dart';,
domains = []
domains = [] {
  final domainData =
        json['relationships']['domains']['data'] as List<dynamic>;
if (domainData.length > 0) {
  for (var i = 0; i < domainData.length; i++) {
    final domain =
        Course.getDomain(json['relationships']['domains']['data'][i]['id'] as String);
import '../constants.dart';
static Domain getDomain(String domainId) {
  switch (domainId) {
    case Constants.iosDomain:
      return Domain.ios;
    case Constants.androidDomain:
    case Constants.unityDomain:
      return Domain.unity;
    case Constants.sssDomain:
      return Domain.sss;
    case Constants.flutterDomain:
      return Domain.flutter;
    case Constants.macosDomain:
      return Domain.macos;
    case Constants.archivedDomain:
      return Domain.archived;
      return Domain.unknown;
String get domainsString {
  var result = '';
  for (var i = 0; i < domains.length - 1; i++) {
    result += domains[i].name + ', ';
  result +=;
  return result;
String toString() {
  return name + ': ' + domainsString;