Onward and Upward – We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring for multiple roles at raywenderlich.com – junior developers, video instructors, sales leaders, customer success managers and more. Find out how to apply today! By Matt Derrick.

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Onward and Upward – We’re Hiring!

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It’s only been four months since I’ve come on board as CEO, but what an amazing few months it’s been! We’ve seen continued strong growth in lots of areas, and revenue continues to go up month after month. I can’t take much of the credit for this; most of this is due to the strong foundation created by our founders, Ray and Vicki, our internal Razeware team, and of course our talented content team, which is over 300 strong at last count!

And it’s that strong foundation that’s preparing us for our next big leaps as a company. With revenue growing faster than even our most optimistic predictions led us to believe, it’s time to invest back into the company — and that’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re hiring for new roles in nearly every area of the company!

New Roles We’re Hiring For

We have hundreds of content creators on the raywenderlich.com team, from every corner of the world. However, the core company behind it all, Razeware, only has 20 core members. We’re a small, fast-paced, 100% remote company with passionate people at every level. The new roles we’re hiring for will be the rocket fuel that helps Razeware launch into our next phase of growth — and beyond!

First, in content, which is the heart of Razeware, we are looking to hire two roles:

  • Android Video Instructor – if you are passionate about Android and love to teach people, we have the platform for you!
  • Video Editor – we’re constantly pushing the envelope with video content, and we’re looking for a video editor that can refine our process even further.

Beyond content, we’re growing in new and exciting ways, and are looking for three key roles:

  • Customer Success Manager – we’re looking for a talented and customer-centric member to lead all of our customer success efforts and be the “voice of the customer”. This will be a transformative role in our company as we look to grow our B2C and our B2B subscription offerings.
  • Enterprise Sales Leader – this is a truly ground-floor opportunity for a dynamic sales professional. We have more inbound, organic demand than we can handle, but much like the Customer Success Manager, we’re also looking for the right person who can trailblaze the sales function and be in the driver’s seat for its growth!
  • Junior Fullstack Engineer – love the thought of your code helping thousands of monthly subscribers? Our growing engineering team is looking for a fullstack developer to join and grow alongside the team.

It’s these roles — to start — that will help us grow on our strengths as a company, and help us bring our mission of developer education to even more people around the world.

Where to Go From Here?

If you’re passionate about helping teach the next generation of mobile developers, and want to get in on the ground floor of the next big EdTech revolution, check out the posts above! We’d love to see how your talents and skills can help us reach new heights as we move into the next phase of Razeware!