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Our entire catalog of online books is on sale for 50% off for a limited time. It’s our 2021 Graduation Sale – come see what’s new! By Chris Belanger.

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Whether you’re looking to start out in your mobile development career, or you’re already a seasoned, established developer who wants to polish your skills, you’ll find everything you need in our 2021 Graduation Book Sale, with all books 50% off for a limited time!

With books on everything from building your first app, implementing test-driven development, studying up on data structures and algorithms, deploying your app, or boosting your real-world development cred, this is your one-stop shop to prepare you for everything you need in your career in 2021 — and beyond!

Read on to see some of our featured books, or feel free to jump right to our book page to browse all of our books!

Real-World Android by Tutorials

Real-World Android by Tutorials is designed to go beyond the code and understand why you’re writing it in the first place. This book doesn’t simply cover the basics at the problem’s surface, or give high-level descriptions of the simplest use cases.

Rather, it aims to share with you some of the knowledge that developers acquire over time, while developing real-world apps. You’ll see how to solve real-world problems by following real-world best practices and techniques that you can only acquire by rolling up your sleeves and working through the problem yourself.

The book focuses not only on why should you do things a specific way, but also on the corresponding advantages, trade-offs and drawbacks of that solution. It makes it clear when a certain decision is not ideal, explaining the reasoning behind discarding a choice or going through with it anyway.

As you go through the content, you might notice that some of it is opinionated; you might even disagree with some of the statements. That’s good! As a developer, it’s only natural for you to question other developers’ decisions. You might even see some problems that others completely missed.

On the other hand, if you agree with everything and don’t see any problems, that’s fine too! What’s important here is for you to go through the roller coaster ride that is Android, with all is ups and downs, just like developers do in the real world.

SwiftUI Apprentice

Your treasure hunt for a good SwiftUI resource stops now — we’ve got just the thing for you: SwiftUI Apprentice!

The sea of resources for SwiftUI is vast, but how do you choose one that’s right for you? How do you find “the one” and kickstart your SwiftUI journey? As someone new to SwiftUI or interested in learning SwiftUI, you need something that:

  • Shows you how to write an app step-by-step.
  • Uses tons of illustrations and screenshots to make everything clear.
  • Guides you in a fun and easy-going manner.

SwiftUI’s declarative way of building UI elements has become a thing of beauty and ease for iOS developers. What’s more is that these UI elements, or views, react to the data in your app, i.e. they auto-update the data they’re displaying without needing your input. Our new book teaches you how to put all of these cool SwiftUI features into action—and more

The best part? Once you’re done reading this book, you’ll have the knowledge you need to build apps that are also “App Store”-worthy.

Flutter Apprentice

Looking for a Flutter resource that has it all? Flutter Widgets. UI. Navigation. Networking. Persistence. State Management. Last but not least, Deployment. That’s why you need Flutter Apprentice!

Mobile developers have searched for years to find a cross-platform tool that lets you build for both iOS and Android without having to write and maintain two separate codebases. What’s more, Flutter isn’t just for mobile any more! Recent releases of Flutter fully support web, desktop and embedded devices as well.

Flutter does have a steep learning curve, and this is because it’s a fast-growing toolkit that is constantly being improved and built upon by Google—after all, it’s so popular in the developer community!

Our newest Flutter book helps you explore the world of Flutter and get started with building your own cross-platform apps. It teaches you all of the following concepts in Flutter:

  • All types of Widgets
  • User interfaces
  • Navigation with screens and URLs
  • Networking
  • Persistence and data storage
  • State Management
  • Deployment to the App Store and Google Play Store

App Design Apprentice

Without realizing it, the smartphone industry has created a world where design matters more than ever before. With our phones in our hands from sunup to sundown — and all night long — we depend on smart and intelligent app design to help us interact with our digital lives.

And as mobile technology advances, users’ expectations from apps have also changed. An app doesn’t just need to work. It has to look good, feel intimate and familiar, and be delightful while still being unique enough to attract attention and establish its identity.

App Design Apprentice will teach you how to make smart design decisions and integrate good design features in your apps. You’ll learn how to go beyond merely functional apps to create well-made and well-considered apps that your users will love.

The book starts from the beginning, and assumes you have no prior experience with app design. It covers all the basics you need to know to create great-looking and well-designed apps: layout and composition, color and typography, flow and transitions, and much more.

In this book, you’ll use Figma, a modern design tool, to learn the fundamentals of the craft while also learning how to use the tool itself. You’ll apply the lessons you learn to a sample app for a single point of reference throughout the book.

Expert Swift

In 2010, Chris Lattner typed mkdir shiny on his laptop — and that little passion project would ultimately grow into the Swift language as you know it today. Since then, Swift has captured the hearts of millions of developers, and proven itself as a mature, powerful, multi-platform language.

Swift embraces the philosophy of progressive disclosure, which means you’re exposed to only the language complexity you need. You can learn about things like modules, access control, objects, static methods, protocols, generics and escaped characters as they become necessary to what you’re trying to do.

But — how do you get from “Hello, world!”… to using Swift like the experts do? You simply need a friendly guide to walk you through advanced Swift in action, using real-world examples in sample apps that you’d want to use yourself. That guide is here now, in the form of our latest book: Expert Swift!

As you advance in your career with Swift, you’ll quickly get to a point where you’ll need to know things about the finer details of the Swift standard library, the risks (and benefits) of unsafe, as well as advanced language features such as higher-order functions, Obj-C interoperability, and even reactive and functional programming concepts — among other things.

Most of the books you know and love from are written in our “by Tutorials” style; however, this book is a little different. Since this is an advanced book, you won’t have a tutorial to accompany each chapter. Instead, you’ll go deep by covering low-level concepts as well as high-level abstractions, by using real-world sample projects to illustrate how the topics in each chapter would appear in real life.

This book is a curated collection of advanced topics that every intermediate to advanced developer can benefit from. Because most chapters in the book cover standalone concepts, Expert Swift is the ultimate reference book to deepen your understanding of specific Swift topics. Read a chapter or two, then take the skills and knowledge you’ve gained back into your existing app development — and reap the rewards.