Don’t Miss Our WWDC 2021 Livecast – June 7, 9PM EDT!

Join us for our First Impressions livecast event on June 7 covering WWDC 2021 highlights, opinions from our panel of experts and more! By Katie Collins.

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You’re invited to our WWDC 2021 First Impressions livecast event on Monday, June 7 at 9PM EDT!

Come join our podcast team, along with our most opinionated members of the team, as they livestream their reactions to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2021) keynote event.

Join our WWDC 2021 First Impressions livecast on June 7 2021 at 9 PM EDT!

Join our WWDC 2021 First Impressions livecast on June 7 2020 at 9 PM EDT!

You’ll learn what Apple has in store for iOS developers this year, as well as what you should be paying attention to during the rest of the conference.

If you’re an iOS developer, you won’t want to miss this event!

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Read on to see who’s going to be on the livecast!

Livecast Hosts and Commentators

Here’s the lineup of our WWDC 2021 livecast hosts and our key iOS team members ready to share their opinions about what comes out of WWDC this year:

Dru Freeman

Dru Freeman

Dru started writing code for Apple products at the age of 11 when he received an Apple ][. Note, not a plus, not an e… just a ][. As computers and the internet were only a passing fad (said the sales guy at CompUSA) he went off to study Theatrical and Mass Media production. As a result, he self-taught himself through Basic, Pascal, Object Pascal, C, C++, Objective-C, and then Swift. Many years ago he discovered writing code paid more than waiting tables.

Nishant Shrivastava

Nishant Srivastava

Nishant is primarily an Android Engineer, but also has experience writing firmware code for custom wearable hardware, building mobile sdks for enabling DSP on Android and constantly contributing to the open source ecosystem, giving talks, writing blog posts, co-authoring books, etc. He is listed inventor on two patents for using mobile tech in cross device mobile ad re-targeting domain using unique audio beacon tech.
More about him at

Ray Fix

Ray Fix

Ray Fix works on next-generation microscopes made for iPad at Discover Echo Inc. in San Diego, California. Ray enjoys learning new things and is excited about math, data, visualization, machine learning and computer vision. Swift is his problem-solving language of choice.

Caroline Begbie

Caroline Begbie

Caroline ventured out into the world as an unemployed classicist. She then taught herself to code and started up a software company in the UK and later in the US. Retiring to Australia prematurely, she performed marionette shows for pre-schools until she purchased the original iPad. She recognized the creative possibilities and became an indie iOS developer. Now she loves tinkering with vertices and watching Disney movies.

Audrey Tam

Audrey Tam

Audrey Tam retired at the end of 2012 from a 25-year career as a computer science academic. Her teaching included Pascal, C/C++, Java, Java web services, web app development in php and mysql, user interface design and evaluation, and iOS programming. Before moving to Australia, she worked on Fortran and PL/1 simulation software at IBM’s development lab in Silicon Valley. Audrey attends many concerts at Tempo Rubato and does most of her writing and zooming at Rubato Upstairs.

Ehab Amer

Ehab Amer

A very enthusiastic Lead iOS developer with a very diverse experience, from building games to enterprise applications and POCs, specially when exploring new technologies. In the spare time (or time that can be spared) Ehab enjoys watching a few (more like a lot of TV series) if nothing to watch, video games are just as awesome to say the least :] When trying to move away from a screen Ehab enjoys going through challenging escape-room experience with his awesome friends, & attempt to break the escape records.

Where to Go From Here?

Join us on Monday, June 7 at 9PM EDT as we reflect on what’s come out of this year’s WWDC, and discover how to stay at the top of your iOS development game in 2021!

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