2D Game Art: The raywenderlich.com Podcast S01 E06

Learn how to hire or make art for your 2D game and find out about the latest news from Facebook’s F8 developer conference, with special guests Mike Berg, Ryan Nystrom, and Vicki Wenderlich. By Ray Wenderlich.

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2D Game Art: The raywenderlich.com Podcast S01 E06

2 mins

In this episode, we chat with special guests Mike Berg and Vicki Wenderlich about 2D Game Art: tools, hiring artists, costs, learning, and more.

We also chat with tech editor Ryan Nystrom about Facebook F8 and the related announcements: Facebook Anonymous Login, App Links, Audience Network, Origami, Pop, and more.

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Here’s what is covered in this episode:

  • News: Facebook F8
  • What’s new in raywenderlich.com: Best new tutorials and sneak peek of coming month
  • Tech Talk: 2D Game Art

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News: Facebook F8

What’s New on raywenderlich.com

Tech Talk: 2D Game Art

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