Creating Tiles for Wear OS

Jun 8 2021 · Kotlin 1.5, Android 8, Android Studio 4.2

Part 1: Creating Tiles for Wear OS

03. Create a Basic Tile

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Intro $[==]

Every Tile is backed by a Timeline. A Timeline contains one or more TimelineEntry instances. Each TimelineEntry is backed by a Layout and is available for a specified time interval. The system takes care of rendering different TimelineEntry instances at different time intervals

Demo $[==]

Open WaterService.kt and go to the onTileRequest method. Add a Timeline by adding the following method call to TileBuilders.Tile.builder():


private fun currentGlassText(current: String, deviceParameters: DeviceParametersReaders.DeviceParameters) = 
val deviceParams = requestParams.deviceParameters

val glassCount = waterRepository.getGlassCount()
  currentGlassText(glassCount.toString(), deviceParams)