Unity 4.3 2D Tutorial: Scrolling, Scenes and Sounds

In this final long awaited part of the Unity 2D series, you will create the conga line as well as the win and lose states for the game. By Chris LaPollo.

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Where to Go From Here?

If you've stuck it out through this entire series, congratulations! You've made a simple game in Unity, and hopefully along the way you've learned a lot about Unity's new 2D features.

You can download the complete Zombie Conga project here.

To learn more about working with Unity, 2D or otherwise, I recommend taking a look through Unity's Live Training Archive. Also, take a look through Unity's documentation, which was recently updated with the release of Unity 4.5.

I hope you enjoyed this series. As usual, please leave any feedback or ask questions in the Comments sections. Or contact me on Twitter.

Now go play some Zombie Conga. And when you're done playing, go make a game!


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