Introducing the iOS 8 Feast!

Check out our eight course “meal” to celebrate the iOS 8 release: the iOS 8 Feast! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Update 10/1: New giveaways added – now over $12,000 in value!

It’s the iOS 8 release date, and you know what that means: time to party!

This year marks our 4th annual iOS release celebration: the iOS 8 Feast.

iOS 8 Feast

The iOS 8 Feast runs over the next month, and consists of eight courses:

  • Optional Appetizer: Bonus Tutorial Unlocks
  • Second Course: Swift by Tutorials
  • Third course: iOS 8 by Tutorials
  • Fourth course: Core Data by Tutorials
  • Fifth course: iOS Animation with Swift Video Tutorials
  • Sixth course: iOS 8 Tutorial Month
  • Seventh course: Surprise Announcement!
  • Dessert: iOS 8 Feast Giveaway

During the iOS 8 Feast, we’ll help you get fully up-to-speed with iOS 8 and Swift development, no matter how you prefer to learn. You’ll learn about Adaptive UI, App Extensions, Cloud Kit, Handoff, Scene Kit, and much more.

Plus, we have over $12,000 in giveaways for lucky readers – our biggest giveaway yet!

Optional Appetizer: Bonus Tutorial Unlocks

If I had to pick one thing Apple introduced this year that has developers more excited than anything else, I’d pick the elephant in the room: Swift.


Swift has everyone excited, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced developer. We have a lot in store for both during the iOS 8 Feast, but what if you want something right now?

Good news – we have an optional appetizer ready for you!

  • Beginners will get started with iOS Development the easy way, by getting early access part 1 of The iOS Apprentice, 3rd Edition for free – now fully updated for iOS 8 and Swift!
  • Experienced developers will brush up on one of the coolest (and also trickiest) new aspects of Swift: generics, in a free abbreviated chapter from our new book Swift by Tutorials.

In order to help unlock these optional appetizers, just retweet this post. If/when the post reaches 100 retweets, we will immediately send both appetizers to all newsletter subscribers. (Not subscribed? Do so here.)

Just click the button below!

Second Course: Swift by Tutorials

Still hungry? Don’t worry, we’ve got a full course ready for you: Swift by Tutorials!


Swift by Tutorials is our brand-new book to help you learn everything you need to know about Swift to use it in real-world apps: via hands-on tutorials.

Swift by Tutorials is for developers who already have some programming experience, and want to get quickly up-to-speed with Swift development. If you are a complete beginner to programming, check out The iOS Apprentice instead.

No matter your level of Swift experience, you’ll definitely learn a ton – the book goes all the way from beginner to advanced material like functional programming, Swift and Cocoa, thinking in Swift vs. Objective-C, and more.

And best of all – this book is 100% complete and available today!

Swift by Tutorials is written by Colin Eberhardt and Matt Galloway, who bring tons of technical and writing experience, as authors of the iOS by Tutorials series and Essential Objective-C.

We hope you enjoy learning Swift with Colin and Matt!

Third Course: iOS 8 By Tutorials

iOS 8 by Tutorials

Learning Swift is important, but just as important is learning all of the cool new APIs that came out in iOS 8.

For the fourth year in a row, we are releasing a brand new book to help you get up-to-speed: iOS 8 by Tutorials!

Here’s a quick preview of what you’ll find in the book:

  • Adaptive UI: Learn how to make your apps adapt to different screen sizes with Unified Storyboards, Size Classes, Traits and more.
  • App Extensions: Learn how to make extensions of all types, from Today, to Share, to Action, to Photo Editing and more.
  • Cloud Kit: Learn how to store your app’s data between multiple users with the new and powerful Cloud Kit framework.
  • Live Rendering: Learn how to expose and configure your custom controls in Interface Builder.
  • Handoff: Learn how to pass the user’s current work between devices.
  • Scene Kit: Learn the basics of using Scene Kit from an app developer’s perspective.
  • Visual Effect (Blur) View and Vibrant Text: Learn how to easily add blur effects and vibrant text into your apps.
  • And much more…: From UIKit improvements to photo improvements to the Modern WebKit framework, there are many more goodies in store for you!

This book is a result of the hard work of 14 members of the tutorial team, dividing and conquering the material. We went through the school of hard knocks, so you don’t have to!

As part of the iOS 8 Feast, we are releasing a new iOS 8 book each week. iOS 8 by Tutorials will be released next Wednesday, Sep 24.

We can’t wait to show you the book, and we look forward to seeing you use these cool new iOS 8 APIs in your own apps!

Fourth course: Core Data by Tutorials

Core Data by Tutorials

Every app needs to store data, and Core Data is the best way to do so on iOS. But learning Core Data is notoriously difficult – especially when you get into more complicated areas like concurrency, unit testing, performance optimization, and more.

We thought we could do a lot to make Core Data easier to learn, taking you from beginning to advanced via hands-on tutorials – so we made Core Data by Tutorials!

The best part is Core Data by Tutorials is fully up-to-date for iOS 8 and Swift – the first one of its kind!

Core Data by Tutorials is written by some of our best authors, who bring years of hard-won experience using Core Data in large-scale apps: Aaron Douglas, Saul Mora, Matthew Morey, and Pietro Rea.

We will be releasing Core Data by Tutorials as the last book in the iOS 8 Feast: on Wednesday, Oct 15. We think you’ll find it well worth the wait! :]

Fifth course: iOS Animation with Swift Video Tutorials

Don’t worry video tutorial subscribers, we haven’t forgotten about you!

In fact, we have something very special in store for you. You get exclusive access to a brand new video tutorial series on iOS Animation – fully up-to-date with iOS 8 and Swift!

This video tutorial series by Marin Todorov teaches you everything you need to know to be an iOS Animation Master. Check out the introduction of the series to see for yourself:

The first part of the series is going to be released today, and more will come each week.

We think you’re going to love this series – it’s chock-full of amazing up-to-date content you won’t find anywhere else (enough to fill an entire book)!

And the best part is this is just the beginning of new Swift video tutorials coming your way – stay tuned!