WindowInsets Handling & Keyboard Animations

Jul 20 2021 · Kotlin 1.5.10, Android 11, Android Studio 4.1.3 and Android Studio Arctic Fox Canary 12

Part 1: Keyboard Handling in Android

06. Animate Surrounding Views

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Now that the keyboard is beautifully synchronized with the views, let’s see how interacting with the surrounding views can also modify the keyboard visibility.

fun createLinearLayoutManager(context: Context, view: View): LinearLayoutManager {
  var scrolledY = 0
  var scrollToOpenKeyboard = false
  return object : LinearLayoutManager(context) {
    var visible = false
override fun onScrollStateChanged(state: Int) {
  if (state == AbsListView.OnScrollListener.SCROLL_STATE_TOUCH_SCROLL) {

    visible = view.rootWindowInsets?.isVisible(WindowInsetsCompat.Type.ime()) == true

    if (visible) {
      scrolledY = view.rootWindowInsets?.getInsets(WindowInsetsCompat.Type.ime())!!.bottom


  } else if (state == AbsListView.OnScrollListener.SCROLL_STATE_IDLE) {
    scrolledY = 0

override fun scrollVerticallyBy(dy: Int, recycler: Recycler, state: State): Int {

  scrollToOpenKeyboard = scrolledY < scrolledY + dy

  scrolledY += dy

  val navBar = view.rootWindowInsets?.getInsets(WindowInsetsCompat.Type.navigationBars())!!

  if (scrolledY < navBar.bottom) {
    scrolledY = navBar.bottom

    Insets.of(0, 0, 0, scrolledY),

  return super.scrollVerticallyBy(dy, recycler, state)
private fun createWindowInsetsAnimation() {
    WindowInsetsCompat.Type.ime(), //types
    -1,                            //durationMillis
    LinearInterpolator(),          //interpolator
    CancellationSignal(),          //cancellationSignal
    animationControlListener       //listener
private val animationControlListener: WindowInsetsAnimationControlListener by lazy {
  object : WindowInsetsAnimationControlListener {
    override fun onReady(
      controller: WindowInsetsAnimationController,
      types: Int
    ) {
      animationController = controller
    override fun onFinished(controller: WindowInsetsAnimationController) {
      animationController = null
    override fun onCancelled(controller: WindowInsetsAnimationController?) {
      animationController = null