Creating Custom Reusable Widgets in Flutter

Learn to create custom widgets that are designed with reusability in mind so you could reuse them in your projects or share them with the world as a library. By Emmanuel Okiche 🇳🇬.

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Who is this for?

Flutter developers who want to learn how to create reusable widgets either for their apps or for sharing to the world as library.

Covered concepts

  • Code Refactoring
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Widget Parameters
  • Widget Design Planning

Part 1: Creating Custom Reusable Widgets in Flutter

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Get introduced to the concept of refactoring widgets and learn about the different ways you could create custom widgets.

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Break down the widget’s design and start coding up the different parts that would make up the custom widget.

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Learn about how we could use parameters of the widget to customize it so that it could be reusable in different parts of our app.

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Break down the design and interaction of our second reusable widget which is an audio widget and start building it.

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Add the parameters for the audio widget and code up the logic for the play interaction.

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Add the logic that updates the position and dependent data for the audio player’s seek bar.

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Generate the corresponding values for the current time and total time labels in the audio widget.

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Try out the widget we just created by hooking it up to an audio plugin.